Thanksgiving and Now The Tree

We had a very nice thanksgiving, all our kids were here plus my mom and her crew. I’d say we were about 13-14 in all. I gave an estimate just now because I miscounted when I set the table; my nephew had to sit at the kitchen island/peninsula. He didn’t complain, William never complains, he’s so sweet. I’m so very thankful for my kids. I’m thankful for their health and that we are all able to be together especially with the holidays upon us. I think of events from this past year and there are definitely seasons that were difficult to go through. I’m grateful for a God who sees us through. My life isn’t all perfect and peaches and cream but I’m not in a pit, I’m not depressed, I have a great family and house and I’m so so thankful for all the Lord has put before me. Most of all the people who are in my life or put intentionally in my path by Him.

This past summer I began working with a nurse that it happens we were hired at the same time and went through our training at the same time. We didn’t know each other that well at that time, only that we lived in the same borough. Fast forward 5 years and we’re working together. She’s great I tell you. Very organized and a total team player. If her workload is easier than mine one day; she’ll come help me with mine and vice versa; I help her. We ask each other’s professional opinions and respect one another. And best of all we laugh! We are so very busy at our school but there’s always time to take a moment and laugh. Find the humor somewhere. I’m so, so glad we work together.

So today is the day to put the tree up. Well, actually I put it up last night but that’s all there is. No decorations on the tree. I have to get the umph to get myself up in the attic and bring the boxes down. It’s not a ton of work but just enough you know? Plus I had to rearrange papers and diplomas and certification papers of both mine and Lelly’s. She didn’t take her diploma when she moved out for whatever reason. I also had some thrift finds I meant to give away to the girls that somehow ended up together…. I find Lenox like crazy at the thrift, it’s funny. I’ve always admired Lenox pieces but never purchased any retail, and given all I’ve thrifted I never will pay retail haha. The other day I found a Goebel/Hummel set from 1959 in pristine condition. It’s a figurine of Mary on a donkey holding baby Jesus with Joseph (separate figurine) walking with them. The name of the set is “escape from Egypt”. I just love it. You never know what you’ll find at the thrift I tell you.

So I’m off to get the decorations before Thomas arrives and starts to crack the whip. He would make a great supervisor he’s so intent on tasks being completed; and me putting up the tree is one such task.