And More About Handbags…

I’ve purchased a new handbag. There’s not many details, most people aren’t into bags as I am. It’s a very dark purple with a large capacity and the leather is to die for. This is my “I worked this summer handbag.” I haven’t debuted her yet but she will be mailing a maiden voyage soon.

I’ve also acquired a gorgeous tote; striped animal print in shades of brown and black. The fabric is velvety and just so nice. You would think I would have enough handbags after a while. But no. That’s like saying I should have enough shoes…Ha! There’s something about carrying a bag that you love, like it goes with what you’re wearing and just makes you feel so good. It has all that you’re looking for in a bag and it is made so incredibly well and the color is perfect! Hard to explain; fellow handbag whores will understand.

I’ve decided to rehome one of my bags that I’m just not feeling the love for anymore. It’s a designer bag I acquired via thrifting. The original color left a lot to be desired so I researched DIY dying handbags. I found the dye at a great store in Manhattan and did the job. The bag went from not so hot ivory to an awesome dark navy.

I work with a woman who is a huge fan of this designer’s bags. I tried using the bag this last weekend and wasn’t feeling it at all, so Monday I asked said said co worker if she would like the bag. She was so excited and said yes!  I’m thrilled she said yes. I know I was so ecstatic when my bff, Jackie gifted me a handbag I was lusting after. A Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag. I was shaking when I opened the box.

I don’t know if I’ll be rehoming any other bags after this. I’m still feeling the love for most of them. There are a couple of smaller ones I’m not using anymore since I prefer to carry specific “stuff” in my bag and I’m not willing to downsize. It’s funny what you think you absolutely without compromise need to carry in your bag. I keep most of my stuff in one of 2 pouches inside my bag, so when I change bags it’s a seamless process and I’m not searching for every little thing like lip balm and such. So there you have it. I’m a hopeless bag whore who admits she has a problem (let’s just call it an “issue” the word problem sounds so severe).


Teaching an old dog…

I totally feel like an old dog trying to learn a new tricks. Last week I began a motorcycle training course, couldn’t keep up, crashed my bike, bruised my body, bruised my ego and pride. I started over yesterday with a private lesson. It was great; one on one with a very sincere, patient instructor.

I was so, so upset last weekend when the class ended in disaster like that. But I wasn’t going to let it stop me from learning how to ride, and neither was my husband going to let me quit. Tommy is so supportive, kind and just all around good. Yesterday I worked on learning how to change gears from 1st to 2nd. Sounds so easy. I don’t even know how to drive stick so this whole clutch issue is totally new to me. I’m proud that I was able to change gears and even get up some speed on the bike. Feeling the wind on your face like that is totally cool and I was only in a parking lot.

I so want to get this down. At one point yesterday during the lesson I heard my dad say, “Just drive!” Something I had been waiting to hear since I first got on a bike. That is exactly what my dad would have said if he were here. It’s what he always said to us when he picked up a car for my sister or I to get around in. If we complained about the size of the car or anything at all his answer would be, “Just drive!” So that’s what I plan to do.

I have another lesson next week I almost can’t wait because like anything practice and more practice makes perfect. I’m not comfortable on Tommy’s bike to practice, it’s too big I think. Although I don’t know any other bikes than the ones at the training center. Right now they have me riding a smaller bike, a Honda rebel it’s called, and I’m cool with that.

Handbags and the Summer

It’s a well know fact to those that know me that I’m a lover of all things handbags. A bag whore is an accurate description. My husband was kind enough to give up the top half of his armoire so I could store my bags appropriately. Some are ridiculously expensive, some moderate in price and some from thrift. Although the ones I scored at the thrift aren’t worthless. I found Chanel, Marc Jacob, Balenciaga, Coach, Mulberry, Kate Spade and the French brand Lanvin at the Sal Val. Those bags are a part of my rotation as those I’ve purchased new.

Every now and then I look to downsize my collection, I just sold two bags on Poshmark and that’s cool. I did make a profit on both although they took a good amount of time to sell. But meh that’s ok I’m not paying any overhead for storage. I have this one new tote that I scored on super sale at Macy’s. I remember the day too. I was sitting in my awesome parking space at work perusing the Macy’s website and this beautiful tote was marked down so low I couldn’t not buy it. However it’s been sitting in the armoire since it’s been delivered. Truth be told it’s a bit too small for me I like big bags to carry all my “stuff”.

So after thinking on it a while I’ve decided to give the bag away. Everyone has their own bag preferences. So I asked one of my favorite co workers if she was interested and she said yes! I guess I could have returned it to Macy’s but it’s nicer to give someone an unexpected gift. Especially from my favorite category of accessories.

I have a bag I’ve purchased with my “I worked this summer” money. I haven’t debuted it yet. Last year I bought a bag in the same manner. It was nice. The funny thing is I don’t mind working the summer. Last year the atmosphere was very chill and the time passed pretty quickly. This year the time is passing pretty well, not fast but not super slow either. The atmosphere isn’t exactly chill. We’ve had a couple of emergency 911 calls so I wouldn’t call this summer dull.

I’m looking forward to summer session ending. I want to go to the beach in the middle of the week and just enjoy being off. We will be going away after the summer session ends I’m looking forward to that as well.


A Sunday

Today  was an ordinary Sunday except that Tommy, Alyssa, Sam and Samantha went to the Yankee game and Lelly went to her friend’s house to go swimming and have a barbecue. The ordinary-ness of today is that I picked up Thomas from his group home and we went to the mall so I could return a top at Macy’s. Of course I came home with a dress in place of the top. Gotta keep things even.

Usually it’s Tommy, Samantha, Thomas and I; sometimes Lelly together on a Sunday. Today was just Thomas and me. A combo that hasn’t been seen in a long time. I picked him up at 1:30 after I went to church and we headed for the mall. He was very well behaved, not surprising because my son loves to shop. I’m not sure who he gets that from… Thomas and I chatted while I shopped quickly after returning the top. A quick detour to the pretzel stand and we were on our way home. A successful excursion!

We rode hone and I stopped for gas. Thomas was so well behaved as he waited in the car at the self serve station. Where I live we pump our own gas. We were then off to home or as Thomas calls it “your house.”  He doesn’t call my home his home anymore. He calls the group home where he lives “my house.” At first that stung a little. Even when Thomas was in residential school he called our house “home.”  It’s an odd feeling to hear your child call someplace else their home (or house) no matter how logical it is for it to happen.

I’ve discovered it’s a funny thing to make the decision to have your adult child live in a group home. It’s not a decision that many understand even though they themselves are living with a special needs adult child. Tommy and I weren’t given much of a choice given Thomas’ behavior which compromised our safety. Many parents I’ve spoken to say they aren’t ready and I respect that but at the same time I don’t know what that’s like because Tommy and I had to get ready; fast.

I often want to ask other parents when will they be ready? I’m not saying having your special needs child reside in a group home is the best thing since sliced bread or the only plan parents should have, but what plans are being made for the future? To expect your other children to take over their care is not fair and somewhat unrealistic. I expect our other children to be in contact with Thomas when Tommy and I are no longer living and I expect one or more to become his legal guardian, but I can’t expect them to have Thomas live with them and provide care for him.

I’m probably quite biased and this post could ruffle a few feathers because having Thomas live in a group home has been so far a positive experience for him and for us, thank God. The group home has an open door policy meaning at any given time we can go see Thomas unannounced. Don’t get me wrong I still feel this pang in my heart when I drop him off after spending the day with him. I wonder what it would’ve been like to have been a “normal” special needs family (whatever that may be) where our son didn’t need to attend residential school and then live in a group home. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned as Thomas’ mother is that situations are not about what you want, it’s what’s best for your child. And God will make a way when there doesn’t seem to be a way. Okay that’s 2 things.

Summer in the city

Summer in the city… that’s the theme for the board of ed’s Summer program. I can’t argue with their choice of theme it is certainly summer in the city here. Work has been busier some days than others but for the most part the work has been steady and I’m not complaining. I am envious of my daughters who have the occasional beach day while I’m here at work but that’s ok, school lets out August 13 and time passes quickly.

The summer staff are great, there are substitute para professionals from other schools as well as other staff that are here just for the summer. Everyone is nice and the paras and teachers who work year round are extra great to work with because we all know each other and I think we bond more over the summer because working is optional.

Most of “my” students that I provide care for used to be on the second floor conveniently located down the hall from the nursing office. Those students have aged out of that convenient classroom and have been moved up to the third floor. I get plenty of exercise lately taking the stairs but all is well they’re still my kids and I know them and their parents.

I really don’t mind working for the summer, it’s extra money and I really don’t know what I would do all day, all week. I’m sure I would find something to do to keep my busy but then I’d also need to keep Samantha busy. Right now she attends day camp held at our church and she has a retreat planned with the church the end of July, beginning of August. She’s kept busy and memorizes bible verses all week. It’s all good.