School starting and a new thrift

This new school year begins a new season of sorts. Gone are the lazy days of summer; the long daylight hours and the unstructured scheduled days. I’ll miss it. I had a really nice summer with my girls. Alyssa was working most of the time, Daniella kept herself busy with her friends for the most part and I managed to keep Samantha entertained with trips here and there to Chuckie Cheese and the new trampoline park that opened.

We’ve sort of eased into our new schedule. My kids haven’t had a full week of a school yet due to the observance of the Jewish holidays. I’m not complaining I’ve enjoyed the extra time off and continuing our unstructured days. I do wish however that the days stayed long. I’m worried about the depression rearing its ugly head due to the days being shorter. Seasonal affective disorder it’s called and its real.

So I’ve made an appointment with my physician to discuss and see what he says. He has a new office on 14th st at Union Square. Coincidentally there is a Nordstrom Rack store at Union square. Very cool, IMO anyway.

I’ve found another good thrift store in Manhattan. On 23rd st not far from where I work. I went yesterday after I finished with my one client of the day. It felt good to be wandering around the city with a cool destination in mind. I love Manhattan and all the crowds. Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon there were a ton of people bustling to various places they had to be. I love to people watch so it was nice to take note of what people were wearing, what’s now and “in”.

I found a couple of things at the thrift. A nice t shirt and a straw Michael Kors bag. A nice score and worth the walk.

A new school year and other musings.

I’ve been enjoying my new bag and the fact that my mammogram was “negative” something I’m forced to reflect on due to the reports I get in the mail from the imaging center. These reports aren’t annoying they’re actually quite reassuring. That I heard the radiologist correctly.

School is in session full force with all my girls each bringing home a load of homework. Well except for Samantha the youngest she just has an assignment here and there for now. I’m sure her workload will become heavier soon enough. I’ve slowed down a bit in cleaning out my closets. It did feel good to get rid of all those shoes that were only taking up space. I really should do a cull of my handbags next but Im not ready and too many are too nice to donate. I’ll cross that closet when I’m ready…

I’m not too eager for the change of seasons to come about. Usually I do enjoy that cross over into Fall, I’m just totally not looking forward to winter. I can handle being “hot” from the summer weather. I loathe being cold in the winter. I went thrift shopping today and picked up a really nice sweater and top for layering. Always thinking ahead to keep warm.

I’ve been thinking about God lately and I’m eager to start back up with bible study/small group at church. Groups begin meeting the last week of September. In thinking about God I’ve been contemplating what a great God we have. His awesomeness and how our Lord and Savior meets you where you are. That Jesus has such perfect timing. It’s amazing. And I wish I were doing more to spread his Gospel. The good news that we are forgiven. All you have to do is accept Him as your Savior. So simple and so life changing. And when Jesus is in your life everything changes. You change. Not radically at first (well I don’t think I did but my family may say otherwise), but things you once accepted become unacceptable. We all have different things that affect us in different ways as we each try to please Him in our own ways. In pleasing Jesus I pray for boldness that I won’t remain silent when an opportunity arises to shine His light.

A mammogram and a new bag…

Recently I had a routine screening mammogram done. It was supposed to be uneventful. Instead, two days later I received a phone call from the imagining center telling me I needed to make another appointment because, “The radiologist needs further images.” Great. Just what one wants to hear while watching one’s 9 year old daughter jump around at one of those indoor trampoline parks. I listened to the woman on the other end of the phone, made the new appointment and wrote down exactly what needed to be written on the new prescription for the follow up mammogram.

I then went home and hunted down the report that was sent to my midwife. I use a midwife for well woman care. She wasn’t in the office but thankfully the physician she works with was. He must have took pity on me because he got on the phone right away to tell me what the report said. It said I had “multiple masses”. The doctor was very kind and encouraged me to not worry too much due to the vagueness of the report. But of course to follow up and have the second mammogram. I thanked him and promptly told my husband what was up.

I then did what I do during times of great stress:  I went on my computer and looked up designer handbags. For me there is no other way to deal.  I stumbled upon this bag by Dooney and Bourke that I’d been eyeing for a couple of years now but just never pulled the trigger. this is the bag. Not wanting to pay retail of course I then scoured the internet for a less expensive seller of said bag. I struck gold on ebay and found a seller with this bag for sale for a substantial amount lower than retail. After consulting with my soul sister Jackie it was decided that I needed to buy this bag. So one evening I did it, I hit the “buy it now” button and completed the transaction.

Now I had something else to obsess about other than this follow up mammogram. The seller sent me tracking info and I stalked the Fed ex website looking for updates. I was informed that the bag was to arrive on Saturday (today), perfect! The seller was requesting signature confirmation~no problem!  Tommy was supposed to be home Saturday as was Alyssa in case the bag arrived while I was at work.

All I had to do then was have the second mammogram Friday morning. I arrived and was taken pretty quickly. While I was there my husband texted me that our air conditioning compressor had broken down, we needed a new one. This information didn’t scare me as my husband is an air conditioning mechanic, it’s what he does for a living among other things. So on to the mammogram. The first screening mammogram was nothing, it didn’t hurt but was merely uncomfortable. The technician was very nice. This second mammogram hurt! I had a wonderful technician who tried to be as gentle as possible but comfort and “diagnostic mammogram” are two words that do not belong in the same sentence. After the mammogram I had to have a sonogram which was fine not uncomfortable at all. After all was said and done the radiologist came to speak to me. Turns out I have a bunch of cysts which is not uncommon and is not dangerous or cancerous. Bottom line: I’m fine.  Who hoo!!   I almost skipped to my car and quickly texted my husband and Jackie that I am fine.

Fast forward to this morning (Saturday) as my husband is replacing our a/c compressor Fed Ex shows up!  Happy day! The bag arrived before I left for work so I was promptly able to move right in and enjoy her right away. My moral of the story? Buy a new bag to keep your mind occupied 😉

Pictures and albums

I’ve been in a cleaning out/organizing mode lately. I donated one big garbage bag of shoes and 2 big bags of clothes and jackets. I also decided this was as good a time as any to organize our pictures into albums. Three trips to Michael’s craft store and three photo albums later I think I’m done. That is if I would stop finding packets of photos in every closet or storage space I decide to clear out.

It’s funny when I’m putting the photos in albums many were pictures I’d been avoiding for years. Pictures of Thomas as a baby, then toddler, etc… Those photos were a painful reminder of a time when Thomas was “normal” although looking back he was never typical; his delays just didn’t catch up to him just yet. This time was different for me though. Looking back at those photos I remembered what a great time we had when it was just the three of us. How happy and hopeful we were. Thomas was an absolute beautiful baby if I do say so myself. He was always smiling with those big green eyes he inherited from his dad. I enjoyed my trip down memory lane and was surprised at how transported I felt back to that time in my life.

My next group of photos were a camping trip Tommy and I took with friends about 2 months before we were married. I remember that trip like it was yesterday.  We had a great time with great friends that we are still close with today. In fact one couple from that trip are now married with a son and we all went on vacation together this past summer. Good times.

Then I found a ton of pictures from our honeymoon in Hawaii. We were adorable and so young. We were 25 when we got married and this year marks our 20th anniversary. A week before we were married we found out I was pregnant to Thomas. We told no one but my sister and Tommys oldest brother. I didn’t want people looking at me funny and judging every move during the reception. And I was horrified that my older relatives would possibly think we “had” to get married. Tommy scolded me saying, “Menay! We’ve been planning this wedding for 2 years no one will think that!” As it was a couple of years later my great aunt did ask me if I was pregnant when I got married. I didn’t lie and told her yes. She just noddedjas if I confirmed what she was thinking.

I loved looking at the Hawaii pictures I loved remembering what it was like to be that young and in love. I remember feeling so serious about being married. I loved that Tommy was now my husband; I loved referring to him as my husband. It was so new and fresh. I enjoyed tripping down memory lane as I looked at the photos from that trip. I remember Tommy and I laying on the warm perfect beach saying we should start planning at that time for a return trip to Hawaii. Our ten year anniversary seemed so far away never mind our 20th. We vowed to return one day. That day hasn’t arrived yet but that’s okay. I can wait.