Getting my hair done

I went to the beauty parlor this afternoon after work. I don’t know if people still call hair places “beauty parlors” or not but I still do. Anyway… I’ve been going to this place  for the past 6 months or so. I get a color and hair cut. And I love it. I’ve been coloring my hair forever, seriously; I started when I was about 16 years old and never looked back. I only know my natural color by pictures but to be honest most of my pictures are from when I was a teen and by that time I was already blonde and my natural color just a memory. It’s funny because when I met my now husband all those years ago I was my natural color which is a very dark blonde to light brownish red. By the time he started attending the same high school as me I already went blonde but he was looking for the girl with the light brown hair he just met and thought was cute.

My hair had been just about every boxed/drug store color out there with the exception of black, I can’t go too dark or I look pale and sickly. From very pale blonde to very red to very brown; my hair and family have seen it all. I’ve colored my hair myself all these years and I have to say I’ve gotten spoiled by having my hair done at the beauty parlor. The woman mixes the exact color that I’m liking these days (blonde), applies it with a brush and I sit and play with my phone or text while it processes. My hair is then rinsed and shampooed by one of the assistants. I do nothing but switch chairs when the timer goes off. It is fabulous.

I can only justify what I call a luxury because I work full time now. I don’t know if I’d do this if I weren’t working, honestly I know I wouldn’t. I’d still be buying the box and doing it myself not that there’s anything wrong with that. I enjoy being pampered and firmly believe all Mom’s should be pampered to some extent. Most moms work really hard whether it be inside the home, outside the home or both.

So I’m home now,  pampering is over and I’m back to reality and washing dishes and cleaning up after dinner. I really did enjoy my time at the beauty parlor and thoroughly recommend it to every woman out there.





Being Honest

I remember starting this blog a few years ago (I can’t believe I’ve been writing this long!) I wanted to write about and post pictures of my thrift finds. Instead I began writing about my family; my son and our journey with him more specifically. I am very honest and try to be as transparent as possible. And I appreciate that honesty in other people.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a woman I’ve known since grammar school. We started chatting and she started telling me about her challenges with her child. My heart broke for her as I am all too familiar with being in challenging situations with my special needs son. We talked for quite a while and I understood exactly where she was coming from; she was so honest and I’m glad to have been there to at least to lend a listening ear.

I find myself thinking about God and my relationship with Him and my Lord and savior Jesus. Am I honest with other people since In person I rarely share my joy of my relationship with Jesus with non believers?  I keep it no secret here on my blog that I am saved; a follower of Christ, born again, whatever you want to call me. I worry about friends who aren’t saved who haven’t accepted Christ as their savior. I’m not bold enough in person to tell them I’m worried and that they need to accept Christ and God’s gift if grace, that they are loved more than they can ever imagine by a God who gave us  his only Son who gave up His life to save ours. Jesus loves us and for that I can hardly express how grateful I am. Not only did he die for us and take in our sins, He’s still interceding for us with the Father. This is all in present tense mind you. I’ve seen in my own life the wonderment of God’s work and prayers he’s answered with both a “yes, no” and “not yet”. His timing is always perfect and impeccable.

Perhaps God wants it this way, for me to share the Gospel in my blog. This is the only way I can be as  bold as I want to be. Maybe I need to be patient and when God wants me to speak up to a particular person He will orchestrate the timing and place perfectly.

Yes I’m sure that will happen;  in time. And I will be completely honest.




Thomas and the Weekend

Thomas is home for the weekend right now. It’s an adjustment every time. We’re not used to giving one person the amount of attention he commands. It’s frustrating and I’m so glad our other kids are older now and don’t need the attention they needed when they were younger. Back then I felt like I was pulled in 3 different directions all at once. It was more than meeting the different needs of children at different age levels. It was at times hellish. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t like that all the time, just some of the time. I’ve always thanked God for my girls, I think they kept me sane most of the time. Especially Alyssa since she was born after Thomas. Everything she did was wonderfully typical. Every milestone she reached was as if she read an infant growth and development textbook and knew what she was supposed to do next. She’s still like that. She was a very typical teen minus the rebellion thank God, and today she’s a fantastic young adult and college student that we are very proud of. I feel very fortunate to have my girls; all of them. God gave them to me just as he gave Thomas to me. I have a mission with each child and that is to ensure that they are as independent as they can be when they reach adulthood.

We are still waiting for Thomas to be placed in the group home here where we live. No one meaning neither the agency guy from the group home or the man from the state who is in charge of placement of kids who turn 21 have been in touch with us. Frustrated is an understatement. I’m going to call the man from the state on Monday.  Hopefully he’ll have an answer or two. The guy from the group home simply doesn’t answer his phone and that is just plain rude.

So Tommy or I have to make the hour long drive (longer if there is traffic on that George Washington Bridge which is always unavoidable and unpredictable) both ways just to have a weekend visit or if we want to take Thomas out for dinner; which we do at least once a month.

I must say Thomas had been very patient through all this “waiting on the group home” business. He is more than ready to go when they are ready to take him. Every time he comes home he finds more things in his room to take back to school with the intention of bringing said items to the group home. I’m proud of him for being so patient. It’s funny that all my children are so different. My girls would never have endured residential school the way Thomas has. God has ensured that each of my children are to have the tools they need to live their own individual lives. He absolutely provides, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Tomorrow Thomas will return to his school and our lives here will return to our version of normal. We’ll miss him and go back to phone calls and dinners out until the next visit. Hopefully the group home clan will have their act together and we’ll have solid information. One can hope and we can pray on it as well.




Off to the Big City !

I took today off from work because of an appointment. That appointment was cancelled. Since I already have the day off I figured I’d make the most of it and travel to Manhattan for the day. Stopping in the morning see my favorite therapist who I haven’t seen in over 6 months I believe. I haven’t needed to see or talk to her since starting this new job. I fell as though Nancy has given me wings to fly and I’m able to handle various life situations as they come along.

I’m still amazed at how God worked my life out. He placed Nancy in my life years before I would need her for me. In fact God primed the pump by having Nancy call me for information about a year before I needed her. A year after receiving her phone call I called her looking for guidance in dealing with the Board of Ed when we decided Thomas had to go away to residential school. I was already suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD from living with him and dealing with his aggressive behavior. I was also actively searching for a therapist but none would call me back. Anyway after telling Nancy I needed her help with Thomas she offered to meet me for coffee. I was puzzled and asked her why. She said, “Because you sound like you need a therapist”. God is so good. I started seeing her and continued to see her for the next 3 years. We covered a lot of ground and worked through a lot of issues. She respected my faith (Nancy is Jewish) and would encourage me to pray through situations. I asked her once why she was so supportive of a belief system so different from her own and she answered,”Of course I would support you, I see how important your faith is to you, why would I take that away?” That only increased my respect and admiration for her.

So here we are, a million sessions later ending with us quietly ending our sessions. There was no “closing” session. We left off that I could call her at any time and if I was going to be in the city to let her know and we’d try to get together.

So off I go on this chilly Monday morning in March. I’m on the ferry and then soon to be on the subway. Since I left my job in Manhattan I haven’t been back on the ferry or subway. It funny how something becomes familiar again so fast. I haven’t missed the commute, instead I’ve become spoiled working so close to home. I’m home from work in 30 minutes the longest depending on traffic.

After I see Nancy I’ll haunt my favorite thrift stores in the area. There are 3 🙂 . I’ll make my way home hopefully lugging full bags of my found treasures on the subway.

Happy Monday!



Selling stuff and cleaning out

We had a snow day this past Tuesday and since I had already cleaned out my closet and reconfigured my handbag storage situation this past weekend,  I decided to tackle the basement.

I had originally planned to sell my grandmother’s china since I wasn’t using it and had no future plans to use it, but my cousin expressed that she would love to have it. So that’s now gone thanks to my sister who picked it up for my cousin who lives 4 hrs away in Upstate NY. I’m guessing they will see each other before I will. Either way it’s a win/win situation and everybody is happy.

I’m also other dishes and plates that I’ve held onto merely because I have the storage space. It feels good to do a purge and get rid of things and also find things you had no idea you even have. I think I posted that I “found” an electric carving knife brand new in the box from probably my wedding shower over 20 years ago. I plugged that bad boy in and it runs like  champ! I now have a “new” carving knife that will come in handy during the holidays or when I cook a roast.

I was so surprised at the “stuff” that was put away in my basement. Things that were held on to for no particular reason. There were a lot of clothes and blankets to be donated and a lot of just plain garbage stuff whether it be toys no longer played with since everyone is so much older now or me stowing once sentimental things in a big box for posterity sake.

I think it was George Carlin who said the more storage space you have the more “stuff” you have. He’s right. I’d  love to tackle the attic one day. I know parts of Thomas’ infant bedding is up there along with extra copies of our wedding invitations. I gave my neighbor most if not all of Samantha’s newborn infant clothes when my neighbor was having twin girls. I was thrilled to see someone use her little clothes again. I know I have clothes up there from Thomas. Being the only boy I didn’t have anyone to pass on his clothes to. By the time my sister had her son too much time had passed. And styles do change even with toddler clothes.

The next chance I get I think I will take on the attic. It will be so satisfying to fill garbage bags to either donate or throw away. I get a thrill out of filling a big bag of stuff to get rid of.  Ok now I’m off to donate 2 huge bags to my favorite haunt The Salvation Army !  Happy Saturday !


Snow day!

We were supposed to get this horrendous blizzard wth tons of snow. The mayor even closed the schools yesterday before a flake even fell. Since I’m abstracting charts in a health center at one of the local high schools I got a snow day as well 😀.

This past weekend. I cleaned out my closet a bit. Tommy “gave me” his armoire since he doesn’t really use it. J promptly cleared it out and it now houses my handbag collection. I think I counted like 18 or so bags. And before you say anything, YES I use all of them.  I change bags quite often and I know I have a problem… There’s something about bags and shoes, sigh.

Today I’m cleaning out the basement a bit. We have storage closets that seem to get fuller and fuller with each passing year. I have a old set of dishes from when we were married. It’s not a complete set so don’t ask me why it’s still here. I also have my grandmother’s china. I really have no use for it nor do I have a China closet to display it. I’m not sure what to do with this set. We’re having a house sale at my inlaws this weekend so I guess I’ll transport it there and maybe someone will buy it. You never know. I’m also in the middle of dusting and laundry while I’m down there. Fun times I tell you. But in all honesty it’s all good because if it were nice out and I was off from work I sure as anything wouldn’t be down the basement.

I also found boxes from 16 years ago when we moved here. Decorative plates I used to collect, and a carving knife and a coffee percolator. I’m sure the last 2 are over 20 years old. I have no idea why they never made it out of the basement. I also found the most adorable picture of Lelly and Alyssa at my inlaws block party. They must be at least 5 and 2 yrs old. They are standing together eating cotton candy.

Im sure I’ll have to go de-ice my car soon. I’ll enjoy being holed up in the basement a little longer.




New Glasses

IMG_2318I recently splurged on a purchase of new glasses. I usually wear contact lenses since I’m irreparably scarred from the huge I wore while in 5th and sixth grade. I won’t even try to find an embarrassing picture. I’m sure if you are of my age group and were a tween in the early 80’s and you had to wear glasses you know what I mean and are probably as scarred as I’m.

When Tommy and I were away we were shopping at the outlets and I happened upon an eyeglass frame store. They had a table of designer frames at a fraction of the retail price and well… if you know me you know I had to take advantage of this deal. I brought the frame to the place in the mall who did my contact lens exam and had them put my prescription lenses in. I even let them talk me into thinning out the lenses and some anti reflective something for another $50.00.

The glasses were ready last night so Samantha and I ran out there to pick them up. I even wore them around the mall and to the supermarket after. This is huge for me I never and I mean n-e-v-e-r leave the house with my glasses on. It’s always contact lenses. Always.

So here I am ready to face the day with my new glasses. The frame is a bit bold but that’s ok I wanted it that way. I’m tired of getting really small frames that try and hide how thick my prescription is, but the truth is nothing can hide how thick my prescription is so I might as well embrace it.

Here’s to new Glasses!



The Movies

We went to the movies last night. It was supposed to be only my husband and I but Alyssa wanted to see the movie also and there went our childcare for Samantha so she came too. It was all good though it was nice to get out all together. Lelly was at a party with her friends. We happened to run into my best friend Jenn while she was on the popcorn line with her guy Gary. Jenn and I seem to always get together spur of the moment or unplanned like last night. It was great to be together.

The movie we saw was The Shack based on the book of the same name. I read the book some years ago and I really liked it. There are some parts that still stick with me especially concerning God’s love for all his children. It makes me think about how much I love my children and that God loves us even more than that. Amazing and hard to wrap my mind around some days.

The movie does a great job of portraying how we need to look to Jesus for what we cannot do on our own. That we must keep our eyes on Him. I find that to be true in my life. When my father in law was ill before he passed away I prayed for him. I prayed for a peaceful passing or for him to return to his former health. Only God knew what was to come. It’s funny because I still remember the last conversation I had with Chick. He was well and we talked about the job I have now. Chick talked about how much he didn’t like living in the nursing home and specific things that stuck out as particularly demeaning to him. Within the next ten days he died. It still seems surreal and I miss him. He’s the first person I was that close to, to have died. I was 14 years old when my grandfather died, 26 years old when my grandmother died and those deaths didn’t impact me the way Chicks death did.

I didn’t have the relationship I have now with the Lord. I knew my grandparents were going to heaven just as I know Chick went to be with the Lord in heaven. When my grandparents passsed they seemed to go so far away from us. When Chick passed it felt like he simply went to a place we couldn’t go yet, but it wasn’t far away. That he wasn’t far from us. I still feel that way about him.

I remember feeling so loved by God at that time and that His arms were around me and I was loved, so very loved. It’s an amazing feeling that I wish upon all. I truly felt like I was resting in the arms of Jesus. Knowing God isn’t so far away and knowing that all who passed before us are with Him is a comfort and helps ease the pain of them not being here with us.


Thrifting sky

Ah yes Saturday nice and early in the morning I get up. Not that I have much of a choice of sleeping late with our (big) puppy, Lola barking to either go out or that she wants to eat. I do get to sleep later than I wake up for work so it’s still a win situation in my eyes.

As I’ve posted before I do enjoy getting up early and enjoying the quiet of the house. I also enjoy getting dressed after coffee and breakfast so that I’m ready to go when the thrift store opens. Today I had to make a detour at the bank to pick up needed documents. With that errand completed Lelly and I were off! To the thrift!

Today I found two designer blouses (Isabel Marant and Celine) I almost squealed in the store. Lelly didn’t know who they were so I told her to google. That’s the best thing about smart phones you can google anything anywhere. And I google a lot while thrifting.

I also scored a pair of Frye boots for 10.00. They are in nice shape and not at all beat up. It’s funny as last night in Macy’s I was looking at shoes by Frye and they were over $200.00. Nope.

Lelly scored a couple of Madewell tops one was so pretty. I tried to talk her into a beautiful dress by Tracy Reese but she refused saying she didn’t have anywhere to wear it. If it were my size I’d have worn it to Shoprite, haha!

I get such a thrill out of thrifting you seriously never know what you’ll find it’s like a treasure hunt and I love the hunt! It’s not for everyone. I have some friends who won’t even shop at TJ Maxx as they don’t like to look through the racks hat they don’t have the patience. And that’s ok there’s nothing wrong with not liking TJ’s or the thrift store.

I’m in my “happy place” when I’m at the thrift. When I’m in the store I can take a break from the usual and not so usual worries of life. I think everyone should have a happy place. A place to escape that doesn’t leave you unattainable (trust me I still get phone calls and texts when I’m at the thrift) but also makes you forget about things for a little while anyway.

So there’s my totally enjoyable Saturday morning shared with my Lelly which made it even sweeter. Here’s to next Saturday!