Not working…Being Home, again.

It’s been a change for me to be laid off from the job I held. I went from working full time; 40 hours a week to; nothing. And not only the work do I miss it’s the interaction I’ve had with co workers and people that work at the various sites I’ve been assigned to. I’ve been very fortunate that I hadn’t met any snobby or unfriendly people at my assignments.

So I’m home. It’s odd because I’ve shifted effortlessly back into the routine I had when I was exclusively a stay at home mom/or when I was working extreme part time 7 hrs a week piercing ears. I run errands, straighten up the house. I feel like I’m forever cleaning up after the animals that live here compared to cleaning up after my kids. The animals are worse at this stage of the game. I’ve also gone back to my routine of thrifting during the week now that I have the time during the day. I’ve written about my love of the thrift store; my happy place, it still is.

Im debating going back to work abstracting charts when/if the assignments start again. I don’t see why I shouldn’t. I don’t have to do it full time and the money is nice. I’m still waiting for unemployment to kick in but from what I understand it could take a few weeks. I have to report to the unemployment office on Wednesday in the downtown area where I live. Parking is a nightmare so I’ll take the bus. I tried to get out of going by calling and telling them I have a job that starts in September but the woman quickly answered, “No, that’s too far away you HAVE to I come. Fine it’s only for an hour or two in the morning.

Being home means I see more of the girls. That’s nice too. I’m not rushed to make sure dinner is ready and sometimes they can come to the gym with me. Oh the gym! How could I forget. I’ve been making  the most of my time there, going about 4 times a week because I can. I wish I had listened to my husband and joined a gym sooner. I really enjoy going especially if Lelly or Alyssa come with me.

So fingers crossed either unemployment starts paying or I’m assigned to work again I’ll take either.


A New Beginning

I had an interview yesterday for the position of school nurse for the special needs school district of the city. I’d never been to the area I had to get to for the interview. I took the ferry over to Manhattan and then 2 subways to where the interview was to be held. I arrived nervous but unscathed.

I was escorted to the floor and met with another woman who made sure I was seated comfortably and I was then given a folder with a nursing exam that included an essay…My essay was short, sweet and to the point. It was supposed to be 150-200 words. I started getting worried I didn’t have enough words.  I began counting words to make sure the essay was long enough. I then opened the exam portion and was totally blown away by some of the questions. There was math such as medical dosage calculation and also how many ml/hr should a tube feeding be if the total amount given was in ounces. Things I haven’t thought about or done in years!  I finished the test convinced that I failed.

I handed over my essay and exam and proceeded to wait; and wait; and wait. I killed time posting to friends on Facebook and texting my mother and husband. After a long while I was called into another room for the interview. First we reviewed the exam, I scored an 81 which made me very happy that I passed!

For the actual interview I was facing 3 nursing supervisors, one had a very stoic demeanor that I tried so very hard to crack and here and there she did smile. I was asked various questions and given multiple situations and how did I handle them?  What was the outcome? I had to dig deep to answer some of their questions. And I was graded on my answers to the interview questions, if I didn’t answer the question exactly how it was worded I wouldn’t gain points in my interview. At one point I managed to peek at one of the interview’s paper and I saw a lot of “8”s. I took that as a good sign.

After the interview I was told to go wait where I was before. Thankfully I had a great view of Manhattan to take my mind off what just happened. Before I knew it one of the interviewers called me over down the hall and introduced me to the supervisor of all the nurses in this school district. She was pleased to offer me the job!  I got the job!!  I couldn’t stop smiling and thanking her. She described the benefits I would receive working for the city and to expect a phone call from another individual who would request more information from me and give me instructions on fingerprinting and such necessities.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I practically skipped back to the subway station. I detoured off my route to the ferry to Century 21 for retail therapy. After browsing there a while I had not found one thing I wanted to buy. Amazing I tell you.

When the interview was set in place, I began to pray. I prayed to God if this is the road I was to take then I will follow Him. I submitted my life to The Lord and prayed that He would find my way for me concerning a job that He sees fit. God is so good!

My Girls, So Different

I love spending time with my girls. I love the ages they are at and I’m so proud of the young women Alyssa and Lelly have/are grown in to. Samantha is coming around slowly but surely taking up the rear at almost 11 years old.

Alyssa and I went food shopping together and I totally enjoyed being with her. She is smart and funny and so easy to talk to. I sometimes forget she’s so young when we are having conversations. She’s a positive person hardly negative at all and her positivity rubs off on you. I find myself seeing things her way at times and it’s a refreshing take on life.

Daniella and I have a sweet connection. She talks to me and I’m honored that she trusts me so much. It’s not every Mom that has a 16 year old daughter who tells you exactly how she feels, where she’s going and what’s going on in her life. She’s also a very encouraging person. I was taking about a job interview I have tomorrow and she said she has every reason to believe I will do well. Love her.

We used to call Lelly the “feel good baby” because she was always smiling and such a happy baby. She was my smallest baby as well so we called her “bird” back in the day.

Samantha. Oh Samantha…she’s completely  different from Alyssa and Daniella in that she’s not at all a girly girl. She loves video games and watching You Tube videos. She also has a difficult time controlling her reaction to anger provoking situations and frustration as well. She isn’t into clothes all that much but in the same breath she’s incredibly picky about what clothes I buy her. Definitely an enigma. But…after all is said and done Samantha is very easy to be with. And not a high maintenance person.  She is fun to laugh with and fiercely independent. She’s one of my kids that couldn’t wait to get to walk to the corner store by herself. I do believe she was younger than Daniella in meeting that oh so important milestone in our neighborhood.

These girls. They are Christ followers and have each been baptized in their own time independent of me wanting them to be. If you had told me 10 years ago that my girls would love the Lord the they do I would have fallen over in disbelief. Back then we had no regard for the Gospel and no church to call home. Today I’m so proud of the way my girls serve the Lord and they aren’t afraid to stand up for and spread the Gospel. I thank God they are so involved with our church and have been fortunate to have had  the influence of Godly young women who have mentored them through the years.

These girls. I’m lucky to have them.


Job Interviews

I’ve written that I am in between work assignments with the company I currently work for. Well I’m so in between that I’ve been laid off for lack of a better term. It was even suggested that I apply for unemployment while I’m waiting; which I did. I have not been given a return to work date so I’ve decided to apply to other RN jobs for the heck of it.

I have two interviews this week! I was stunned because I didn’t think my resume was all that great and I felt that that I put it together in a haphazard fashion. Well I must have done something right.

I did pray about the being laid off situation. I prayed that I know God has a job for me whether I return to chart abstracting or it may be something else. And it will be the right job because He has already set it up and I must be patient because God’s timing isn’t the same as our timing. I trust in the Lord.

I received the first phone call reviewing my resume and setting up the interview one day after they received my resume via a popular online job board. I was so surprised. We set up the interview and I excitedly called my husband and then my mother.

The second interview was scheduled via email two days after I sent them my resume via the same online job board as the first. I sent a confirmation email in return saying that I will be there at the prearranged time.

I seriously can’t believe it. I’m excited and nervous of course. I know The Lord is with me and He will never fail me. I will be praying for His guidance and wisdom for the interviews. And I know He will hear me. I have complete faith in God.

If I’m not offered either position that will be ok too. It only means it wasn’t meant to be and God has something else in store for me. He has a plan. I only need to trust in Him and have faith.

The Gym

It’s been a week since we joined a gym. It’s a first for me, not for my husband or Alyssa and Lelly. I refused to join or go when I gained all this weight. I felt so insecure and intimidated. Like I would be the only “imperfect” person there. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was almost giddy to see people if all shapes and sizes at the gym.

The first day we joined Tommy and I went that evening. I didn’t know what I was doing but Tommy did so I followed him and he was great; nice and patient. The next morning Alyssa came with me and that was fun, we traded off doing sets on the various equipment/ machines. She was just a lot of fun to be around and most important she showed me how to download Netflix on my phone so I could stream tv shows to watch while on the treadmill or exercise bike. It really makes the time pass quickly.

Even Lelly came with me one evening but she flat left me to take a cycling class. She had a good time and even joined the gym herself. I find I’m very centered when I’m at the gym, and I enjoy it immensely. I find everyone else there is very focused on what they are doing and not paying a lot of attention to other people. I like that. I was supposed to meet with a trainer so she could do a fitness assessment but they double booked her and by the time she got around to me I was at the end of my workout and looked at her like you’ve got to be kidding. We rescheduled for next week. I’m eager to see what she’ll have me do and how she does said assessment.

I even find myself praying at the gym. It’s easy to find that focus and pray for whoever and whatever comes to mind. I know God hears me, He always does. I probably should pray before working out and ask Him for additional stamina or something like that but it doesn’t come to mind. I just want to get there and get started. God is everywhere even at the gym.

Back to the “Box”

I’m in between work assignments and currently not working. So that means I’m going back to the  “box to color my hair. Going to the salon and having it done for me was nice while it lasted. I’m relieved in a weird way, now I can go and do different shades of blonde like I’ve done in the past and not have to settle on just a touch up. So there I am in ShopRite in the beauty section on the phone with my Mom asking advice on blonde hair dye. Interesting…we settled on a light blonde color by Féria/L’Oréal. I don’t know when I’ll do the actual coloring. My roots aren’t noticable yet although if you ask my daughters they will say “roots are in”. I’m lucky to have such fashion forward advisors at my disposal.

I’m also growing my hair out long, well as long as it will grow. I’ve tired of the short hair phase I went through this past year and half. To be honest I never felt pretty when my hair was short. Don’t ask why I kept cutting, I guess because it was easy and not much upkeep. Anyway now that my hair is a bit longer I feel more attractive. Actually going to the gym makes me feel more attractive. Not that you can tell I even go, there’s no visible muscles…yet. I can’t wait for the days to come where I’ll see a difference in the “before” and “after” me.

Im trying to make the best out of being home these days. It’s easier to get dinner ready and I’m caught up with laundry so that’s a plus. I miss working though and I pretty much can’t wait for the new assignment to come through. Until then my family gets homemade meatballs and  marinara sauce. I get to listen to the dang dog bark all day…

Mother’s Day 2017

I had the honor and privilege to have spent Mother’s Day with not only my mother but also my mother in law. Both women had a hand in shaping me to be the woman I’ve become and I am so thankful they are both here with us.

My mom had quite the health scare these past 7 months. She was diagnosed with bladder cancer, underwent chemotherapy; then had extensive surgery to have her bladder removed. She was hospitalized about 5 days after her surgery then spent a couple of days in rehab to regain her strength before finally going home. While in rehab my mom received the news that the cancer had not spread past her bladder, there was no metastasis!  Wonderful news! When my mom did arrive home she was met with 6 weeks of meals from the church they belong to. Not only that, the ladies from church also sent a cleaning crew to clean the house!  Incredible. I love watching the church be the hands and feet of God.

Yesterday I felt so thankful and happy to be so appreciated. My girls showered me with chocolate covered fruit and strawberries not to mention the very touching heartfelt card. Alyssa posted an awesome picture of me on Facebook with a sincere touching sentiment attached. That picture was taken when her and I were visiting a college for her. This is how selfless she is. That day was about her and there she is taking a picture of me.

I’m unbelievably gifted to have my girls and Thomas and Tommy as my family. I’m thankful that God chose us to go through our lives together. I’m so thankful God gifted me with the time to spend with my parents.  I also feel that my mother in law is a blessing to me as well. I’ve known her since I was 16 years after old. To say she hasn’t had an influence in my life would be a lie. My mother in law is a very strong woman with a definite mind of her own. She taught me a lot over the years, most importantly she influenced the way I cook. There were even a couple of occasions where my meatballs tasted as good as hers; the ultimate compliment!

I can’t thank my husband enough for such an amazing Mother’s Day, to feel like a queen and be given gifts such as time spent with family together is priceless.




Joined a Gym

The other day Tommy and I went for a visit/tour of an LA Fitness center that recently opened not far from our house. The gym was beautiful, so new, so clean, so sparkly!  We really liked it and felt the monthly cost was worth the money so we signed up. We went home to eat dinner and Tommy asked me if I wanted to go to the gym after we ate. I was like o…..k…..  I was nervous I haven’t set foot in a gym in a hundred years. Plus I had no “gym clothes”, no not even sweats I don’t wear them. I’m not a sneaker person so there was that to contend with as well.

After dinner I had some time so I ran to TJ  Maxx and found every thing I needed. (I love TJ Maxx 😊).  I returned home, changed quickly and we were on our way.  Thank God I had Tommy with me I didn’t know what to do with any machines besides the stationary bikes and the treadmills. We did some warm up cardio first then we checked out the machines and my feelings of insecurity quickly faded away. We did abs, triceps, some leg work outs and free weights. We ended with cardio on the stationary bikes. I loved it!

Yesterday morning Alyssa and I went right after I dropped Lelly at her ride to school’s house. We arrived about 8 ish and again did cardio for warm up. Then we set our sights on the “machines”. We quickly figured out the ones we wanted to use and traded off doing sets. It was cool to work out with her, my Yaya. We finished up with cardio on the treadmill.

Now my body is sore. My abs are telling me not to work them out for a couple of days and I shall listen. It’s not a bad, “Oh my gosh I can’t move!” sore its more like my muscles reminding me that I put them to use in a way they haven’t been used in a while. And that’s cool.

Now Lelly wants to come. That will be a lot of fun. Part of our membership is getting people guest passes. Alyssa has one, next; Lelly. I don’t know what my gym goals are. Mainly to do “something” with this body carrying extra pounds that I loathe.

I’m glad Tommy and I joined and we can work out together. He’s very patient and sweet. Like he would be any other way with me? I look forward to my abs not being sore anymore so I can work them out again and hopefully whip them into shape 😜.  Here’s to the gym !!

Working/Not Working

I’m off to Manhattan tomorrow! One perk of being home from work. I’m in between abstracting assignments. The next job should start either the middle of this week or the beginning of next. It’s ok I don’t mind being home for a little while. The littler the better though. I’m so used to going to work that the thought of staying home again makes me panic a little. I like going to work, I don’t mind Mondays and I like talking to people, I like my job. Working has taught me a lot about managing time. Which meals are fast and easy, going grocery shopping one evening during the week so I’m not wasting precious weekend time at ShopRite, and doing laundry during the week so my weekends aren’t full of folding and putting away. This time off will be nice.

I also like the money. My husband works very hard and is a very generous person. I really appreciate all he’s done and sacrificed for us all these years. Me working takes some of the financial burden off of him and I’m glad I’m able to do that. Plus there’s something to be said about spending your own money, it’s nice. I prayed long and hard for this job and I know God has placed me exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I’m looking forward to being in Manhattan. I love the anonymity the city  gives you. I’m also looking forward to visiting one of my favorite thrift haunts while I’m there. I made an appointment with my therapist as well. I don’t see her anymore on a regular basis. I stopped seeing her when I landed my job. It’s no coincidence that my time with Nancy ended at the same time my employment began. God is a great orchestrator of our lives. He doesn’t close one chapter of your life until you are ready for the next.

I saw Nancy last month to catch her up on my life. I like to see her again just to talk, well that’s is what you do when you see your therapist; talk. But these days there isn’t anything pressing or earth shattered going on like there was in the beginning when I first started seeing her. Where I am right now is a good place and I thank God for putting Nancy in my life to enable me to be here.

It’s supposed to be a nice day weather wise so I’m looking forward to the ferry ride, the subway and then walking the streets of my city.



Since I’ve been working full time I’ve never appreciated Sundays more. I get up relatively early and have my coffee and then I get ready for church. I love that church is an absolute in my Sunday schedule. I wasn’t always like this, before I was saved anyway.  To be honest when I was a SAHM I didn’t care for Sunday’s much at all. I’d have been with the kids all weeks; mostly by myself because Tommy would be working all these crazy hours. So to me at that time in my life Sunday’s were merely the day before Monday when everyone would go back to their regularly scheduled programming. My only saving grace was that for the last couple of years with the older 3 in school, it would be just Samantha and I at home. When she started pre-k my life became really busy dropping off and picking my kids up from various schools. At one point I had 4 kids in 4 different schools. Talk about confusing. One half day that Lelly and Samantha had, Tommy and I got the pick up times mixed up and Lelly’s school had to call us at home and remind us to pick her up talk about embarrassing…

So anyway those days are long behind us, everyone is older and more self sufficient. And church has become ingrained in the Sunday morning routine. I really like going, my church family knows about my parents and their cancers, they are prayed for and The Lord is praised for my Mom’s healing. It is nice. My bible study co leader and I have become closer friends and I’m so thankful for her friendship. I love the fellowship I have with the people at my church.

Because I go to church I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. There’s not much going on that can’t wait until after church. Right now our Pastor is doing a series called “Curious” and it’s him answering questions about God, the Bible and man. It’s been so interesting that I don’t want to miss a day of it. I’m so thankful for my church and all the people that come along with it.