I got the job!

The one I video interviewed with.  After not hearing back from them the following week or 2, I figured I didn’t get it as I wrote in a previous post. But this weekend I checked my email and what do I see? An email asking me to come in to their office Monday morning. I quickly emailed back that I could make it.  I went this morning, I even arrived early (Yay me ;)).  We chatted and my future employer was very nice and personable. We discussed hours, training, dress code (business casual another yay!), salary, and just about everything one discusses at a job interview.

I start training tomorrow! This doesn’t seem real. I’ve spent so much time putting out resumes and job hunting that it doesn’t seem real that I got the job! I applied for job after job these past 7 months and heard nothing back. I honestly couldn’t even get a job in a supermarket~a popular chain turned me down I hate to admit. It took me renewing my nursing license and praying for guidance to get a job. Amazing IMO. I’ll be in Manhattan part time and I’m so excited. I wanted to work in Manhattan but couldn’t figure out how I would do so without going back to a hospital. I didn’t want to go back to a hospital and worry about working weekends and holidays. So here I am with this part time Manhattan gig in an office with hours that work for my family. It doesn’t seem real.

The next step.

With Thomas turning 18 this year, Tommy and I are going through the process of obtaining legal guardianship of him. This freaked me out. Not that I am to be my son’s legal guardian past the age of legal adulthood, just that we have to do this period. I had a difficult time filling out the large packet of papers the social worker from school sent us and I held back tears when I had to call the Surrogate court here where we live for further information. I still can’t get over that my first born is 18 years old. Freaks me out man. Every time I think about the next steps we have to take I get choked up and remember Thomas as a baby and I feel like I want to go back. Back to when he was so small and everything was alright. We had yet to begin our journey filled with frustration and doctors and specialists.

I don’t do this with my other kids. I mean Alyssa recently got her drivers permit and as much as that is such a huge milestone and we are so proud of her, it doesn’t freak me out. I’m excited for her to learn to drive (yes it does make me nervous as any parent would be). Daniella my “baby” before Samantha, will be attending high school next year, nope not freaked out.

Is it because Thomas is my first? Is it that he is special needs and this is once again a decision and action we *shouldn’t* have to be doing? One more thing on the list that we have to decide for him? Rhetorical questions mind you I don’t want or expect answers. I remember how simple things were in those few short months before the shit hit the fan and we were set off on a quest of “Tell us what’s wrong and how do we fix it?” For the first time ever I wanted to go back in time. I know I couldn’t change anything that is wrong with Thomas, but I could appreciate more the simplicity of that time in our life.

As of right now we are in a holding pattern. There are papers still to be signed and notarized, another appointment with the guide from Surrogate court to help us further and then the actual filing and appearing before a judge. I’m ok with the holding pattern it’s giving me more time to digest this all and it gives my brain a much needed break.

Moving on!

So that interview I was so excited about last week? Yeah, it’s a “No”. I can’t lie and say I wasn’t disappointed, I am/was. But I know it simply was not to be. I do believe that what’s meant to be will be and this job was not meant for me. I’m still sending out resumes, still on the hunt. I learned that I’m not trusting God enough. I have to put all of my trust in Him, not just when I feel it’s convenient or when things are going well. The true test is when things don’t seem to be going your way. Am I still trusting him? When I was disappointed about not getting this job, was I trusting him? To be honest no I wasn’t. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this. I am putting my trust that The Lord will direct me to the right job. I need to be patient (not one of my strong points as I’ve written about). I need to trust Him. Trust him will all my heart even when things don’t seem to be going my way.

This thinking also leads back to my decision to return to Bible study this fall. I believe I’ve made up my mind to join a group I’m just trying to figure out which group? Our church hosts many small groups for just about every station in life. I’m leaning towards the familiar which is the small group I’ve attended in the past, the leader is wonderful. But then I wonder what a different group would be like? Such issues… I’m glad this is one of the decisions in my life right now.

So I’m moving on with the job search and moving on with the Bible study decision.

Waiting and the panic.

After my interview last week the Dr who interviewed me said she would let me know if I got the job “by the beginning of next week” meaning starting today. I’ve checked my email at least a dozen times already and nada. Nothing. I keep telling myself if it is meant to be it will be but I can’t help feeling antsy and just wanting to know already. I’m not a good wait-er.

In other news we went to the San Gennero feast in Little Italy yesterday afternoon. It was nice, crowded like you’d never believe but still nice. We had an incident where our 16yr old said she wanted to look at a jewelry display, so the rest of us waited across the way for her to be finished. Five minutes pass, then 10. After 15 Tommy is getting annoyed and so am I. How long does it take to look at jewelry? We don’t see her at the jewelry stands. Now we’re calling and texting her and not getting any answers. OMG. Now I’m starting to get scared, like sick to your stomach scared. All I could think of was that she was kidnapped. With the amount of people at this feast; we’re talking literally wall to wall (or street to street) anything is possible. Tommy takes off down the street a bit to look for her. Nope. Then he goes down the other way. I’m trying not to panic. Finally he finds her. My goodness I was so, so relieved. I didn’t realize how scared I was until I felt the intense relief of knowing that she was ok. After being elated that she is safe, I got mad at her. Mad for making me a nervous freaking wreck I told her I thought she was kidnapped. Scary shit man. Just when you think they are old enough that you don’t have to worry when you go out, that someone won’t “get lost” what happens? They go and get “lost”.

I’m happy to say the rest of the afternoon went off without incident. We had a nice time in the city and even stopped to visit the 9/11 Memorial. It was incredible and so very moving. To see all those names choked you up. And the Freedom Tower is unreal. It’s beautiful. So tall and looming going straight to the sky.

I had an interview!

Eeeeek!!!! I had my first nursing interview in over 8 years. It is a part time/per diem office position in Manhattan. The rate of pay is significantly lower than what an RN would make in the hospital setting but IMO you can’t really compare as the work load outside a hospital is usually significantly less with also much less stress. I *think* I did ok with the interview. I hope so anyway. I’m not 100% sure this position is for me but no one wants to be rejected. I’m excited though. Excited that my resume was read and that I am being considered for a job! Part time is ideal for me at this time, and the hours were perfect for fitting in the kids’ schedules both in school and after school. And I adore Manhattan to think I could be working there gives me a thrill, to be able to spend time in the city I love and work there… I’ll know by next week if I’ll be offered the position. For now I’ll just play the interview over and over in my head.

Following the spirit.

For the past 3 years or so I’ve been singing in our church choir and I truly loved it. There isn’t a better group of people out there singing in a choir, IMO anyway. Our director made us a family, she encouraged us to pray for one another and I know I felt involved with their lives with prayer requests that were made and praise reports. It was a sweet 3 years. Have I mentioned how much I adore our choir director? She is awesome to put it simply.

However lately I’ve been contemplating not returning to choir and instead concentrating on one of the many small groups/bible study groups our church offers. Before joining the choir I was very involved with one particular women’s small group and I really enjoyed it. In fact that group helped me admit I needed help with Thomas and his aggression towards me. The leaders of that small group were the first people I ever told about Thomas and his aggression. I’ll never forget the kindness and feelings of non judgment I experienced.

So anyway, I’m unable to do both choir and small group as both are too much time away from my family. I’m feeling spirit led to return to small group and experience the fellowship and camaraderie of other people in this Christian life. If I chose the small group I will miss my choir family and the fellowship I have with them. I will miss certain personalities and the laughter we share. But I will be gaining other personalities some unknown right now. I know I’ll meet new people and gain new perspectives in sharing experiences and testimonies.

I’m not 100% sure which way I’m leaning. I could very well change my mind and stay with the choir. I’ll pray on it and see where the spirit leads me.

I need more patience.

What does it take to learn patience? Because I obviously have none. I’m applying to jobs and first I had to wait out labor day weekend. Then the week after labor day because most people are still in vacation mode with it being a short week and all. I want things yesterday. I took my CPR for health providers class today and that was nice and a relief all at once. Nice because I was able to be around other grown ups and relief because I passed. I was unnecessarily worried that I would fail the class. I need a self confidence kick.

So getting back to my lack of patience. It seriously stinks. Actually I want more than patience I want whom ever reads my submitted resume to get back to me with a “Yes we want you and please come in for an interview” or “No…we’re not interested”. I don’t think I’m asking too much, haha! I’m sure me and the thousands of other job hunters out there would really appreciate one or the other reply.

So here’s the part when I need to trust God. To trust that He has already picked out the job for me and I simply need to wait on Him and His time table. A time table that does NOT resemble mine at all. I want things asap, God will provide when His time is perfect. Not necessarily when He is ready but when the time is literally perfect for Him to move.

I noticed I haven’t been praying as much as I had been before summer started and everyone was home and my routine was disturbed. I’ve begun praying again and I notice a peace that surrounds me when I pray. I not only pray for direction but also to worship. Worship Him who will finish what He has started. Worship the one and only true God. I’ve missed that feeling of peace when I was pre-occupied with “summer”. School has begun and I can get back to regular prayer and I also need to incorporate prayer when things get so busy. A way to make prayer a part of who I am and not just what I do when I think of it.