Going forward after stepping back.

Many of you know I am a registered nurse but I haven’t worked as a nurse in about 9 years. I left my last office job shortly before I became pregnant with Samantha who is now 8yrs old. I swore I wouldn’t work as a nurse again. Swore up down and sideways: nope not going back. I tried doing retail (which I loved by the way) but the schedule was too demanding for our family. I tried my own business of reselling my awesome thrift finds but that didn’t work out either. So now I find myself job hunting with no real skills other than nursing skills. The only thing I’m skilled to do is what I swore off doing. I’m also watching friends of mine returning to school to study… you guessed it; nursing. Here I am already armed with that education and some experience and I can’t even get a job at Trader Joes.

So now I find myself calling the State Board of Nursing to inquire about renewing my license that I had let lapse. It’s no big deal to renew, I have to pay a small fee and take an infection control class (The OCD/neurotic in me already did that right after calling the Board of Nursing). I’m on my way. I’m wondering if this is what’s meant to be. When I say to myself, “You’re a nurse” it just feels “right”. Is this the path the Lord has meant for me for these past years and I fought Him tooth and nail kicking my feet, with nothing else working out? I believe the answer to be yes. I laugh at myself and how determined I was to NOT work in this field again. Then there I am making that phone call.

But now I’m wondering who will hire me after being out of the loop for 9 years. I’m cautiously optimistic as I do believe if this is what God wants me to do, He will also provide a job for me that will be perfect for me and perfect for the needs of my family. I’m sure I’ll be uncomfortable and downright scared but I have to have faith it will work out. My life is in no other hands but His.