Why thrift?

Hmmmm, I often ask myself that, “Why do you adore the thrift?”  Sometimes it’s difficult to answer especially when I’m in the mall with my daughters and I’m bombarded by all the new, lovely clothes lined up so nicely all according to color and size unlike most thrift stores where shopping can literally be a treasure hunt some days.  Then it hits me, I adore the treasure hunt.  I love getting lost in the search.  It is a version of therapy for me to shut out the outside world and get lost in the thrift.  My oldest daughter once said to me, “Mom!  Have you seen your face when you’re going through the racks??”  I had to laugh because of course I haven’t seen my face, lol!  Apparently I’m quite serious and intense, I’ve had a close friend say the same on a different occasion.  

I know the thrift isn’t for everyone.  I’ve noticed many people don’t have the patience to scour the racks or they are simply not happy in that environment.  That’s ok~serously because I’m very happy there and I’m also more than happy to do the searching for you, just let me know what you’re looking for.  I have no problem hiding a squeal when I find that vintage Coach bag (just this past Saturday) or that pair of Diesel jeans (again, this past Saturday, size 30 by the way).  I’ve got a great poker face only when it comes to the thrift.  Any other time I’m an open book ;).  Call, text or email me we need to talk about what you need me to find.  In the meantime check out my website.  The inventory changes every few days.  www.Nayaudo.com

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