I was thinking about this blog this morning while running some errands.  Today is my youngest daughter Samantha’s 7th birthday.  I was thinking of all those times in our lives that we wish we could stop time and just enjoy those  “moments”.   You know the ones I’m talking about.

One that comes to mind for me are when my fiancé (now my husband, Tommy) and I were camping with friends for the weekend.  Tommy and I took a walk and ended up in this large empty field.  The stars were all out and the night was gorgeous.  We lay down on the grass on our backs and just stared up at the sky holding hands. I remember wishing I could stop time.

Another moment was when Thomas was a newborn, actually 2 distinct moments. The first time I was in my room with just Thomas, Tommy and I. I held Thomas all swaddled in the hospital blanket with his head held in my hand. I remember his lips were pursed and I kissed those little lips. The other moment was probably about 2 weeks later. Thomas wouldn’t sleep in the cradle so I had him in the car seat on the floor with me on the couch next to him. He woke up to nurse and after I fed him I put him on my shoulder to burp. Thomas lifted his head and turned his face towards me. I stared at that little face and could feel his breath on my neck and I fervently wished I could stop time right then and there.

When I was thinking about Samantha’s birthday today I was thinking about my labor with her. Believe it or not I wanted to stall time then. I had a fast labor with her once things really got going and I didn’t want to miss anything, I knew she was my last. I didn’t have an epidural or pain meds so I wasn’t worried about being out of it, I just wanted time to slow down.

On of my favorite pictures of Alyssa and I were taken in one of those photo booths where you get like 4 black and white shots. When I look at that strip of photos and I feel like right then I did slow down time for those moments with her I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the strip of photos one picture right after another.

When I was pregnant with Samantha, Daniella was 4 years old. She was a fun 4. I have many memories of her making me laugh since she was the type of child who spoke her mind for better or for worse ;). I drank a lot of water with lemon when pregnant and Daniella asked me very loud in Macy’s one day “Is the baby in your belly floating in all the lemon water you drink?” I burst out laughing!

I love the “moments”. Some bring you to tears and others have you giggling like a little kid.

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