Adjusting meds and more

We were optimistic we could do this med adjustment at home.  I was confidant due to the three years of stability and no aggression that this could be done.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Thomas tolerated the initial tapering down of the dose. We were confidant this was going to work. Then he hit me. On my back an open hand slap that hurt physically and emotionally.

Not long after that incident, one morning Thomas became very aggressive towards me before an orthodontist appointment.  The plan was to drop Daniella and Samantha each their different schools and then head to the orthodontist. Thomas became very unstable in the car and I didn’t know what to do. Go home or go straight to the local hospital? For whatever reason I chose to go home. He continued being aggressive when we arrived home and entered the house. He would settle down and then get aggressive all over again. This cycle went on and on, I even cried out to Jesus. I was afraid. I called my parents who live 45 minutes away to please come. I called Thomas’ psychiatrist. Finally I called an ambulance.

Before the EMT’s arrived I had police officers at my door and almost the whole neighborhood watching. It was around 10 am. I remember my parents arriving just before the police. By that time Thomas knew I called an ambulance and was crying and upset saying he was sorry. The EMT’S arrived and they took down his meds and a short history. I have to say in the middle of a horrid situation we were blessed with awesome policemen and EMT’S. I know they were sent here by The Lord. They were so kind and professional. No one looked at me like I was lying nor did they treat my son like a criminal.

I agreed to have Thomas transported to the psych department of the local hospital. An EMT sat in the back of the ambulance with Thomas and I. he was very nice and made appropriate small talk. The only thing I remember about that conversation is him remarking I looked “young” when he asked how old my son was and the ages of my other children. We arrived at the psych ER and it was a total waste of time. The staff was very efficient and the psychiatrists were very nice and understood the tapering off of the med and why we were doing it. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do for us as they didn’t have an adolescent unit and not enough staff to keep an eye on him one to one in a ward full of grown men. The thought of leaving him there in that situation made me sick to my stomach. He is still my son. I was then offered transport to some hospital in Queens that I hadn’t heard of. No thank you. I took him home.

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