Standing still ?

I know I wrote “Moving Forward” recently.  I really believed I was going someplace.  Where?  I have no idea.  This past  weekend it hit me hard that I’m not going anywhere and I felt the depression sneaking back in.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated (aside from trying to get help for my son).  Now I’m fighting for me and I worry am I strong enough?  Determined enough?  

I feels as though I have tackled and defeated the demons that plagued me concerning Thomas.  But the ones plaguing me still need to be conquered.  The fear and uncertainty of who I am or want to be other than a wife and mother Is rocking my world.  In no way do I wish to abandon my present roles.  I want to fully embrace them while creating and nurturing a separate role that is mine alone.  Make sense?

Thank God I was able to locate a new to me thrift store in Manhattan and score a pair of True Religions. At least in my thrift life all is right.

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