The Girls

I’m sitting this morning  hanging out with my older girls.  Daniella asked me why I see Nancy.  I always assumed she knew why.  I explained that I’m being treated for depression.  She was okay with this.  I figured she would be.  Alyssa said she already knew.  That’s cool.  My house has now returned to its relatively quiet state now that Thomas has gone back to school.  

I love when my girls are getting along and we sit here and talk and laugh.  Right now they’re talking about the Christian youth conference they attended last weekend.  They LOVED it.  I’m so happy for them.  To see them walking with The Lord and getting pumped up to go to bible study and youth group and hear them sing Christian songs is more than I ever hoped for when we started attending church regularly a few years ago. I remember some Sundays it was like pulling teeth to get Alyssa there. To see her now so passionate makes me so grateful to Him.

They seem unphased that Thomas went back early. Daniella asked what happened and I gave her the cliff’s notes version. She told me I didn’t have to tell her if I didn’t want to. I didn’t mind. Then she asked me about Nancy.

Right now Daniella is singing and dancing to a Christian rap song she heard at this conference. I’m usually not a fan of rap but for this I’ll make an exception ;).

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