I’m on the ferry to Manhattan and I just finished praying. I didn’t pray for much specifically or for any particular want or need other than a safe journey for all on the ferry and return home. I mostly prayed to give thanks and praise Him. It makes me feel good to say “Thank you” and praise God. Just praise him, it’s that simple.

I also gave thanks for pulling me up by my arms when I was sinking away from Him. I have this vision of The Lord holding us up by our arms when our strength is waning.

This is not to be a sad reflective post, it’s a post of praising Him and thanking Him for all He’s done. For putting people in your life that can help you or people you are to help.

I wish I were bolder. I’m bold in writing and proclaiming Jesus is Lord, but many times I wish I were bolder in a vocal sense. We are called to make disciples.

I have no problem praising God when talking to people in general but it doesn’t occur to me to share the Gospel. Is it fear? Do I fewer I will be looked at as a fanatic? And honestly would that be a terrible thing? To be known publicly as a Jesus fanatic when essentially it is who I am inside, just not yelling it to the world. And would it be horrible to yell or at least be more vocal to the world?

I praise Him.
And I wish for boldness.

2 thoughts on “Boldness

  1. Desiray November 6, 2013 / 9:39 am

    The Lord will give you boldness. I think we all have time to time wonder if people will look at us a fanatic. God knows your heart and because you have spoken you want to do more. He will grant you the boldness to do it. AMEN

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