Playing it Safe

I had the pleasure of attending an amazing Hillsong United concert last night.  They were incredible and so full of energy!  Not only was the music great but the “talking” part was wonderful as well as it was all about Jesus, some prayers and some preaching.  No matter, it was all good. 

While thinking about the concert and how open these artists are with their faith I admire them and anyone else who does not play it safe for fear of rejection, persecution, hatred, etc… I like to think I do not play it safe but I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a situation of defending my faith. I’m fortunate to live in this country and I’m free to worship God. I do enjoy declaring that I am a Christian and try to live as one.

I admire my 12 year old daughter. For the past 2 years in middle school she has challenged her science teachers when they teach evolution and/or the “Big Bang theory”. She asks, “What came before that?” And she’ll repeat herself until the teacher doesn’t have any answers left. I admire her tenacity. I don’t know if I would have been so bold at that age.

I guess this boils down to boldness as well which I’ve discussed in a previous post. I don’t want to play it safe. And I’m thinking me writing this blog could be my way of being bold. I’ve written things here that I’ve barely spoken about. I believe with all I am many times what I’ve written was directed by the Holy Spirit as I wouldn’t start out as passionate as I’ve ended. I guess that statement would be a testimony to the work of the Spirit in my life.

I also believe the Holy Spirit immensely enjoys guiding us to do, say or write things that bring Glory to God. Giving us the words to say or actions to perform. I find Him fascinating and I’m so grateful to have seen The Spirit in action first hand. It was the Holy Spirit who directed me to pick up the phone when the one residential school returned my call and actually spoke to me about my son. This is the school he now attends.

To reply to my own thought; To “play it safe” would be denying the Holy Spirit. That’s how I see it anyway. Rebelling against his pushing and prodding to do something or the right words to say or write. What God the Father actually wants you to do as per his will and plan. Many times I wish there were a clear written letter or directions from the Spirit. However it’s been my experience that one just knowswhen The Spirit is at work.

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