Back to school and the job hunt

So now with September looming on the horizon and everyone returning to school and me with nursing license in hand, I’m actively job hunting and actually did send my resume in for one job that peaked my interest. I’m actually nervous that I’ll get an interview. I do realize that an interview is the next logical step and usually most desired next step. I have to remind myself that I am not in control and I never was. God is choreographing every next step and the way he is paving can only be for my good and his glory. I need to remember this, tattoo it on my brain somehow. I do hope to get an interview, nervousness aside.

I’m taking CPR certification next weekend. I’m looking forward to getting that card as many job postings require that training. I had my PPD (tuberculosis test) placed and it was negative. So I am moving along but not as fast as I want to. I want everything yesterday. I want the CPR class done yesterday. But that is not the way it’s supposed to go. I’ve also contacted a the nursing board for NJ for information of how to obtain my license in the Great Garden State. That will open up more job opportunities. There have been one or two I would have liked to apply for if I’d already had my NJ license.

I’m grateful for a God who will makes things work together for my good. I’m grateful for feeling good, that the depression isn’t holding me down and keeping me down. I’m grateful for an awesome combo of meds put together by my wonderful doctor. I haven’t seen my therapist since June. Between her and my vacation plans and Alyssa working for most of the summer making her unavailable to watch Samantha, we both decided to take a hiatus until September. I’m pleased to say I’ve been “ok”. I have been in contact with Nancy via email and if I really needed her she’s only a phone call away. Thankfully I haven’t needed to call her. I haven’t been in a place where it was necessary. And for that I’m so grateful.

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