Back to reality

Vacation is almost over and it has been a wonderful week. Great friends, great weather, and a pool and beach that did not disappoint.
I’m tanned and a bit sunburnt (even with sunscreen SPF 30 at least). I miss my dogs and cats and my own bed. I also miss my house. I will however miss my housemates that I just spent a full week with. There was no fighting, no getting on each other’s nerves. Just a wonderful week with friends.

The pool here was glorious. I haven’t spent a whole day at the pool since I was 16-17 years old. I lounged on my chair with my water and awesome book (The Time Traveler’s Wife, I strongly recommend it). Soaking up the rays and dipping in the pool when I got too hot. It sounds relaxing and really was.

I also enjoyed some shopping of course. There is a wonderful quaint shopping center in town that I enjoyed walking around in. One day my friend Bill and I went to visit the site of The Lost Colony. My understand is that the site was host to explorers from England led by John White who settled in Roanoke Island, North Carolina in 1587. John White left to go back to England and when he returned to Roanoke Island 3 years later all the settlers had disappeared. There were no bodies or graves or any word that they moved on to another land. It is truly a mystery. Bill and I happened to be there the exact day of the baptism of the first child who was born on American soil (Virginia Dare born August 18,1587). Baptised August 20, 1587. It was really interesting to be there.

So tomorrow we will begin the journey home and it will be back to reality with vacation memories to keep and reflect upon.

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