School starting and a new thrift

This new school year begins a new season of sorts. Gone are the lazy days of summer; the long daylight hours and the unstructured scheduled days. I’ll miss it. I had a really nice summer with my girls. Alyssa was working most of the time, Daniella kept herself busy with her friends for the most part and I managed to keep Samantha entertained with trips here and there to Chuckie Cheese and the new trampoline park that opened.

We’ve sort of eased into our new schedule. My kids haven’t had a full week of a school yet due to the observance of the Jewish holidays. I’m not complaining I’ve enjoyed the extra time off and continuing our unstructured days. I do wish however that the days stayed long. I’m worried about the depression rearing its ugly head due to the days being shorter. Seasonal affective disorder it’s called and its real.

So I’ve made an appointment with my physician to discuss and see what he says. He has a new office on 14th st at Union Square. Coincidentally there is a Nordstrom Rack store at Union square. Very cool, IMO anyway.

I’ve found another good thrift store in Manhattan. On 23rd st not far from where I work. I went yesterday after I finished with my one client of the day. It felt good to be wandering around the city with a cool destination in mind. I love Manhattan and all the crowds. Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon there were a ton of people bustling to various places they had to be. I love to people watch so it was nice to take note of what people were wearing, what’s now and “in”.

I found a couple of things at the thrift. A nice t shirt and a straw Michael Kors bag. A nice score and worth the walk.

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