• Prayer. It feels like the answer to everything. Feeling stressed? Pray and give it to God. Scared? Pray and give it to God. Feeling lost? Pray and give it to God. It seems simple yet it’s not. We routinely give things over to God then take them back to worry and obsess over. I’ve learned to lean on God and truly  give things over to Him. Right now I’m concerned with the future of my job. Specifically if I’ll be given more hours to work which is what I want. I’m also concerned about the new bible study I’m supposed to be co leading this February. Will I be able to do this? Will o be successful? For all circumstances I’ve prayed and will continue to pray. Specifically asking for direction and guidance; for Him to lead my steps. The last time I prayed for guidance was for my son. And you know what, God answered my prayers. It wasn’t an answer that came down from the heavens in this miraculous show. But rather in a round about way that can only be explained by knowing Gods hand was at work.

Its not easy to pray in the middle of a storm. I remember when I was depressed I felt so, so alone and so very far from God. I had a dream that I was inside a glass dome and my prayers were stopped by the glass “ceiling” I was under. I would listen to my favorite Christian radio  and feel nothing but sorrow. It was a terrible time. But still I prayed. I prayed for my doctor to have wisdom in treating me and prescribing the right medications. I prayed for God to take the depression away. I even went to a prayer meeting and asked for prayers when the depression was flaring. The pastor annoited me with oil and they all prayed over me. It was amazing. And powerful.

I still pray for my doctor to be led by God’s powerful direction. God is the great physician and it’s only by his hand are we healed or not.

  • I will continue to pray and enjoy the peace I feel afterwards knowing my future is in the hands of the great Almighty.





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