A snow day

I missed going to church this morning. For everyone’s safety the church decided to cancel services, it was just as well. My car wasn’t cleared off until late this morning and our street was barely plowed, totally not worth it to go out anywhere by car.

I daydreamed a little about going out though. I could have gone for a walk to Starbucks  but after the shoveling and being out in the cold, a walk didn’t seem that attractive. Tommy was home for the storm. It’s the first time in about 9 years he wasn’t at work when it snowed. The facility where he works now has their own snow crew so he wasn’t needed. That was cool. To have him home when we’re so used to him not being home. There was a lot of neighbor helping neighbor and that was really nice. It’s one of the main reasons I love living here. Our neighbors are close with each other but we’re not in and out of each other’s houses. Yes we invite each other in if we ring each other’s bell but we don’t just enter without being invited. It’s a really nice block. When I had to call an ambulance for Thomas being out of control everyone wanted to help me and I was so, so grateful for good neighbors.

I was thinking back to how snow days used to be when Thomas was out of control. Tommy would be at work and I would be stuck home with then all 3 kids (this would be pre-Samantha). It was NOT fun. Thomas would be having fit after fit or just being generally uncontrollable. Going out to play in the snow was a joke because it wouldn’t be long before Thomas was throwing snow at the girls in their face. So we would all end up back inside again anyway. On the upside NYC rarely closes school so if the snow day was a week day I was saved because Thomas took the school bus and the bus always made it’s way here. I would then walk Alyssa to school and it would be just Lelly and me for the rest of the day. Lelly was a fun kid to be with, very low maintenance and nice to be around. I miss Lelly when she was little. We called her the “feel good baby” as she always had a smile for you and just made you feel good to be around her. She’s like that now at age 14. She’ll just come up to you for a hug and ask me to kiss her forehead. How can that not make you feel good?

I may have said I miss Lelly when she was little but don’t be mistaken I don’t miss my kids being small at all. I really enjoy the people they’ve grown into and are still growing. I love the freedom of having one watch another so I can just run to the post office or the supermarket without dragging everyone and having it be a huge deal of a trip. I enjoy listening to their stories or taking a trip to the city with me. Or more recently Alyssa and I visiting Long Island University/Brooklyn campus to find out if she were admitted or not. It was nice to take the ferry with her and then the train and then walk around Brooklyn. It was a nice day that day. No I don’t miss them being little. Yes they were adorable but the first time around was enough. I look forward to the next chapters.






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