Proud Mom Moment.

My Daniella, almost 15 years old texted me last night a link to a handbag she was thinking of buying. Needless to say this made this mama’s heart proud. I was excited that she was looking for her first “real” bag.

So today my kids had off from school due to the Chinese New Year  (gotta love NYC). And we went to the neighborhood TJ Maxx to search for the perfect handbag within Daniella’s set budget. Yes I was in my element and I set off to find her a bag that was perfect. She decided on one, a structured tote in black but after thinking it over she couldn’t get the original one she texted me out of her mind. She also wanted a bag in the color taupe. That tote was black. After deciding that the bags at TJ’s didn’t meet the criteria we decided to try Marshalls.

And there it was… A satchel handbag with optional shoulder strap in taupe! In leather no less. It was as if the clouds parted and the sun shown down on her bag. It was a wonderful moment. We looked around a little more but Daniella had already made up her mind.

The bag was hers and she promptly moved in when we arrived home. The only thing missing is a coach wallet I passed on to Alyssa and Alyssa will pass it on to Daniella. She looks gorgeous carrying her new bag and I as her mother couldn’t be more proud to pass on my love of handbags to the next generation.

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