A comedy show and a child

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a Christian comedian. His name was David Dean (http://www.davidpdean.com/). He was funny and “clean” meaning no profanity or off color jokes. Believe it or not he didn’t need to be cursing to be funny. His act was great just the way it was. Our church sponsored the free event. I went with my oldest daughter Alyssa and one of her friends and her mom. It was nice to be out with my church people.

In the middle of his act David introduced us to New Missions (http://www.newmissions.org/). They are a missionary group in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They educate children by building schools and they also plant churches and spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have been serving in Haiti for 30 years. I loved what they are doing. After learning about New Missions, David returned to finish his comedy act and we were encouraged afterwards to consider sponsoring a child from Haiti. That $30.00 a month would provide education, food and medical care for a child.

After the concert Alyssa and I chatted with friends, we even left the building to walk to the car. But I hesitated and asked her if we should sponsor a child. I truly felt as if God had placed it on my heart to do so. We went back in the building and there were 4 pictures left of children needing to be sponsored. I could not get my eyes off this 5 year old boy’s picture. He is a beautiful child with big eyes. He lives in Haiti. He was “the one” for us. We filled out the necessary paperwork and off we were sent with Ive’s picture. I felt so responsible sponsoring this child. This is a commitment and a chance to make a difference in a child’s life who I may never even meet. It will be so great to watch him grow and receive letters from him.

I’m excited to start this journey.

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