For the love of shoes and bags…

If anyone knows me they are well aware of what a shoe and bag whore I am. Even more so now that I’ve gained weight from medications I have to take. Shoes and bags don’t make you look anything but good (given you’re not breaking any fashion police rules and regulations). They always fit and always make me happy.

My loving husband recently asked me in an exasperated way do I really *need* as many shoes as I have. My short answer is yes, yes I do need them all. And don’t ask how many pairs I have I’ve yet to officially count. Each pair of shoes serves a specific purpose and/or mood and/or outfit. I know I’m not alone in my shoe habit. A recent conversation with my sister outed her as a boot whore. Hmmm…I wasn’t surprised. A similar conversation with my mother reminded me of her own large shoe collection.

Now before anyone cares to judge one can take a look at one’s own possessions and note if a pattern or series of replicas exist. I’m sure there is something out there. We all have our “thing(s)”.

My shoe obsession began around age 17. I bought many a pair and color of inexpensive high heel pumps as that was the style back then. I seriously have no idea how many pairs of shoes I owned but it was quite a bit. When I moved in with my husband my Dad literally filled up his small mini van with all my shoes to move them from his and my mothers house to Tommy’s apartment.  My soon to be husband I remember wasn’t thrilled. Neighbors thought my father was selling shoes out of his van.  They were asking if he had specific sizes. Good times…

I started getting into bags around 2002.  To beat the stress of living with Thomas and his out of control behavior I would surf the web looking at handbags, expensive handbags.  I still do it and  call it my mind candy.  Handbags like shoes aren’t size specific. So today  I’ve amassed a sizable handbag collection. So I’m not  kidding if I put in my Facebook status that I’m contemplating what bag to change into.  Sometimes it takes a lot of thought and consideration of what I’m about to wear and what the weather is going to be like. Yes, I have specific rainy day bags and no my bags don’t match my shoes. They’re not supposed in case you’re wondering.







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