Thomas’ School

We’re still awaiting placement to the group home. The next step is for the agency who owns the group home to screen Thomas to ensure he is a good match with the residents already living there. We’re also waiting for the room to become available for Thomas. There’s been a holdup or two with the young man who is moving out of the group home. But this is all okay. I’m seriously in no rush for Thomas to leave his current living situation. The residential school he has called home for the past 4 years had been truly a Godsend. When we consented for Thomas to attend this school, to live there; this new school had some mighty big shoes to fill as I adored the school Thomas attended when he lived at home. Now the rolls are reversed. Thomas will most likely attend that same school again when he moves here and they now have to meet the standards of the present school.

I’m really going to miss his staff at the residential school. They have all been wonderful. They do not have easy jobs, being caregivers to special needs children, adolescents and young adults like my son. The patience required for that job is incredible. There is one man that my son has grown to love and his name is Danny. Danny is so very caring and patient. He’s usually the one who helps Thomas call home and supervised the evening routines. Thomas has never expressed that he was mistreated in the least. If anything it was Thomas who mistreated the staff/Danny by giving them/him a difficult time taking a shower or cursing at them/him. My son may be speech impaired but wouldn’t you know the curse words come out crystal clear.

I’m really going to miss Thomas’ social worker. Dawn has gone above and beyond her “duties.” She has taken the time and energy to truly know Thomas and our family. She and the other social workers truly know these kids they are entrusted with. And it shows when you see them all together at say the prom or other gathering. The staff get fully involved with the kids.

So after all that praise I’m in no hurry for Thomas to move, yet. I am looking forward to him living closer to us. I keep envisioning just popping over to see him and say hi. Or Tommy getting Thomas on a Sunday morning and him spending the day with us without the underlying stress of knowing one of us is driving him back. It seems like a double edged sword I want him to soak up all he can from the school he’s at now yet I can’t wait for him to be closer to us and be a more “complete” family unit.


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