Went to Work

I went to work today as I do most Tuesdays. It felt good to get away. To get away to the isle of Manhattan for a little while. The ferry ride over was nice and relaxing. While I was on the ferry the main office called to tell me my client was running a half hour late, was that ok? Of course it was, it gave me time to return a sweater I recently purchased and didn’t like and of course have some retail therapy in the process.  Love Banana Republic! Actually I love all of 34th st. All the stores and the sales oh my! Sometimes I don’t even have to buy anything I can just look at all the “stuff” and be on my way.

There’s this one cosmetic store called “Lush” I’m not sure of what they sell outside of the bath bombs Daniella always buys but oh my gosh does that store smell good. They always keep the door open so you don’t even have to go in to enjoy the aromas that come from there. It’s amazing.

I’ve visited The Gap and Banana Republic more times than I care to admit. Again, I don’t always buy but I Iove, love checking out their clearance sections. I’m feeling good about buying clothes again as I’ve lost a few pounds. Yay me 😀. Nothing major but enough to be encouraging and know I’m going in the right direction.

Im on my way home now on the same ferry I came over on. It’s a beautiful afternoon to be here.




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