More about work and God

Our pastor is preaching a series called, “Does God care about my job?” I’m finding myself asking that very question as I work as a chart abstractor. What I do is take the paper charts of patients and put their information into a specialized computer program. I’m surprised at how much I really like my job. Some parts are challenging and some parts are tedious, but all in all I like going to work. I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing and wonderful people.

So I wonder does God care about my job?  I know I worship a God who does indeed work. He created the earth and all of us on it. Our Pastor said, “The call of God is specific to each person. The call of God is equal to every believer.” I wonder if the profession of nursing is my “calling”? I’ve never thought of it that way especially now since I’m not working in a hands on manner. My nursing knowledge and liscence is needed to do my job. So I guess right now my calling is to work as a nurse in this capacity.

I look around and can name people who are truly gifted and I can say with all certainty that they are working with gifts given to them by God. My husband for one. He can do repairs on equipment that is not easy to diagnose a problem on. His hands are so blessed as is his mind for working the way it does. My mom is another. She’s a nurse and I can honestly say she was born to be a nurse, it is in her blood for lack of a better description. She has all this knowledge and added to that compassion and empathy. I wish my calling is as obvious to me as the callings and gifts of others that I see so plainly. I would love some sort of stamp on my hand from God that says what I’m absolutely meant to be doing.

Pastor also asked,”Do we see what we do as a ministry from God?” That’s deep and thought provoking. I would never have thought of my job as a ministry. I mainly interact with a computer but there are times I have the pleasure of the company of co workers whether they be other abstrators or people who work on the site I’ve been assigned. So I guess my ministry has already been laid out for me.


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