Quiet on a Saturday Morning

One of our dogs decided that 6:30 this morning was a great time to need to go outside. So I dragged my butt out of bed and decided to just stay up rather than try to go back to sleep. Lelly and Samantha are still asleep and Alyssa has spent the night in Manhattan. I enjoy the quiet knowing it’s just me and the animals. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats. And as of right now I’m the only one awake, haha.

Years ago, when everyone was much younger I could have never imagined life like this at all. The kids used to wake me up and there was no deciding whether or not to go back to bed; you were “up” period. I used to laugh if someone called me at like 10:00 am on a Saturday and ask, “Oh… did I wake you ?” I wished they had woke me up instead of my kids 2 hours earlier.

The evenings can be just as quiet. On a Friday night it’s usually just Tommy, Samantha and I for dinner. Being that it’s a Friday night and there’s only 3 of us I’ll order out. Nope I’m not cooking.

I recently posted a “throwback Thursday” pic of Alyssa on Facebook, she was about a year old. OMG she was so cute, but I don’t  miss those days. I used to laugh when people saw me and the kids when we were all much younger, telling me to enjoy them because they grow up so fast and that I would miss them at that age. Nope. I like them older. I can get honest opinions and great conversations. I get willing companions when going to the store or food shopping. That’s not to say we all don’t butt heads here and there. Lelly is quite vocal in letting you know how she feels for better or worse. There are times I have to pull it out of Samantha to know what’s really bothering her if she’s  not already having a meltdown. And Alyssa will demand my full attention when she is doing the taking. God forbid I should be looking at my phone when she is speaking. There are times I am multitasking and I am paying attention and can recite back to her exactly what she just said but no; I have to put down the phone. You know what; I admire that about her. She will settle for nothing less than 100% attention and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Later this afternoon Samantha will have a basketball game at church. Tommy and I are celebrating Valentines Day a bit early with dinner tonight (Yay! Day 2 I don’t have to cook). Tomorrow, Sunday the girls and I will go to church. I really enjoy going with them. Is usually Lelly, Samantha and I. I’ll bring Samantha to “Kids church” and then Lelly and I will sit together. I like to get there somewhat early to get the “middle seats” meaning not too close to the front and not in no man’s land in the back.

I really enjoy our Pastor. He’s originally from Georgia and was called to come here to NYC. I like his accent and I totally enjoy  the way he preaches. He’s his own person and cannot be compared to our old Pastor whom I adored.

So there’s my thoughts on this nice quiet Saturday morning. In  a little while the nail salon will open and I’ll be there bright and early for my manicure. (Something I couldn’t do when the kids were young…)

Sunday evening will come fast enough, the end to the weekend as we ready ourselves for yet another Monday and start to a brand new week. I hope everyone’s weekend is as quiet as you want it to be.



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