To the Gym!

So I’ve decided to make the most of my time off by getting to the gym on the mornings I have nothing going on. I’ve been driving Samantha to school instead of her taking the school bus; again because I’m home. After I get her squared away I hit the gym. I really do enjoy going. Most times I’m by myself, until Lelly is finished with finals and regent exams. Then I’m sure she’ll want to go with me. We like different things though. I really enjoy doing “sets” on the machines and working specific body parts. Lelly likes taking classes like the cycling class or Zumba. I’m not a Zumba person so she’s on her own there.

I remember flat out refusing to go to the gym. Tommy would suggest it over and over and I would tell him flat out no. I was intimidated and I was certain there were only “fit” or perfect body people there. I was almost giddy when I started at this gym and saw all different body types and ages working out. It makes one feel more comfortable to see you’re not the only imperfect one.

I haven’t lost much weight but my clothes fit me better and I just feel healthier over all. On the wardrobe end I’m up to 2 pairs of gym sneakers, last month I had none. I see a trend happening here…I mean I can’t wear navy blue with everything can I ? Oh no, no. I am even able to use one of my handbags as a gym bag. It’s a nylon bag that is just the right size, waterproof and shoulder carry.  Perfect.

Tomorrow will be a gym day. I’m looking forward to it.







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