And I’m off…

Off to Brooklyn to meet with Human Resources about my new job. I’m taking public transportation since the area I’m going to is notorious for not having any parking. The first leg of my trip begins with the ferry into Manhattan then a subway into Brooklyn. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Last night I had to gather a ton of paper work and original documents such as my original college diploma, original nursing license, the first registration certificate I was ever issued as a registered nurse. Don’t ask me why but I had that one. It shows you how God is always in control even back then in 1994. Some of you may think I’m being silly but I know God is always working things for our good.

The ferry is crowded; mostly people going to work at this time of the morning. Very few if any tourists. The ferry is really nice to ride in the summer, all the windows and doors are open and the breeze from the water feels like air conditioning. For once I don’t see anyone I know, that’s ok I’m enjoying the solitude and the opportunity to people watch. It always amazes me how many women put their makeup on while riding the ferry. And they do it with such precision. I don’t think I’m that good.

I’m going to arrive at my destination early. I didn’t know how else to plan the trip without cutting it close timewise. I’d rather be early and kill time than be rushed and running to the appointment or God forbid late, yeesh no!

It is such a beautiful day. The sky is clear and the air is dry but now it doesn’t matter much that I’m on the subway platform. It’s warm but not hot. I’m nervous waiting for the train. I’ve never taken this train to Brooklyn before. Here’s the train. I’m off…thank God for an air conditioned car.

It’s 9:16 and I’ve arrived.  Appointment isn’t until 10. Let the people watching commence.








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