Christmas…the day after.

I was up relatively early this morning; like 7:45 ish. It  was fine I’m still fighting a cold from last week. It has settled in my throat so my voice sounds a bit funny. Especially when I raise my voice which thank goodness I haven’t had to do that often.

The day after Christmas… usually a let down day after all the big build up. But today I feel really good. Alyssa, Samantha and I braved the mall early this morning. We arrived as soon as they opened, so there weren’t any crazy crowds. I was able  I returned Samantha’s sneakers which turned out to be a half size too small. Yesterday I ordered the correct size so hopefully with all the holiday deliveries over with they will be here within a day or two. I also had my new watch sized which makes me so happy that it fits well.

It was Thomas’ first Christmas in the group home. It was so nice to not have Tommy run up there to get him and worry about traffic coming home and then have me bring him back today. Thomas was a bit higher maintenance than usual. He became incredibly moody at my mom’s yesterday afternoon and continued into early evening until we left to go home. I do not miss that behavior from him and I’m so glad I don’t have to live that way anymore. Thomas can be so fun at times and you can joke around with him, he “gets” sarcasm and he can be sarcastic as well. I wish I knew a way to encourage his fun side and do away with the moody joy sucking side.

Last night after we dropped Thomas  at his group home I had such a great time with my girls. I opened a bottle of wine and we laughed and joked until we all fell asleep. It was a great way to end the day. My girls are so fun to be around. I love laughing with them.

I’m off this week with my kids. Well Alyssa is off all month from college. Samantha and Lelly are off this week. Since I work for the board of education I get this week off paid!  I want to pinch myself at such a sweet deal!

I need to end this post and start packing up for the renovation that is starting next week. I’m lacking in the “umph” department . But those boxes aren’t going to pack themselves.

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