Walt, Walter, Big Walt, Dad, Pop, Poppy, Grandpa,or as I always called him even as an adult; Daddy.  I am not saying goodbye forever; this goodbye is temporary until we all meet again in the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Daddy was a believer in Christ, I know this because I straight out asked him if he believed in Jesus. He answered me, “Yes I do, I do believe” Soon after that conversation he asked me to buy him a cross to wear around his neck. Aside from his wedding ring I’d never seen him wear any jewelry; ever. I was so happy to have pleased him with that gift.

Daddy was an easy person to please. He wasn’t so interested in the material things of this life. He would rather sit and talk to you than anything else. Telling stories of when he was growing up and driving cars before he was legal to drive, his time in the Army at Fort Dix, when he owned his gas station and spent a lot of time with his pal Jimmy Shron and raced cars at Weisglass stadium.  Those are just a few of his favorite topics. He especially got a kick out of his grandchildren. Quoting them or telling stories that he found funny. He proudly told people the number of grandkids he and my mom had: 11 for those of you who don’t know. And he was equally proud of each one, celebrating the unique differences they all have.

Daddy always told you what was on his mind. He didn’t mince words and you knew where he stood and how he felt. I can’t think of one thing I couldn’t talk to daddy about. He was always there to talk, to laugh, to lend support or to simply admire what you were doing in your life. Never failing to let you know when he approved or commiserate with you when things didn’t go as planned.

I’ll especially miss his humor and the sharp wit that he is known for. I’ll miss talking to him on the phone and seeing him at his place on the couch or at the head of the dinner table. I will miss telling him about my life, my house renovation and what my kids are up to.

Daddy I will miss you


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