My Son and the Job

Thomas is doing well in his group home. We’re still waiting for him to officially begin his day program but hopefully that will start ASAP and he’ll be able to get fully into a routine. I picked Thomas up early yesterday morning so we could go to church together. He did pretty well and was excited to see Tommy and our renovated house afterwards.

I’m writing this while I sit in my car, arriving early at work to ensure I get a “good” parking space since there is a very small parking lot reserved for the principal and AP’s and various office staff. The rest of us must park on the street and that’s ok. I’d rather get here early and get a “good” spot than arrive later and walk a half a mile.

The job is going well. A lot of people believe that because I have a special needs child I can relate better to the parents of the students I care for. Lately I don’t feel that is true. I relate to those parents mostly because I am also a parent and we all want what is best for our child, special needs or not.  Yes it takes a deeper sense of empathy which I do have, but I think we can all relate to each other; as parents plain and simple.

Most of my days at work are pretty busy. And that’s great because busy = the day goes quickly. I still enjoy coming to work. While each day is somewhat the same due to specific tasks I must do everyday for specific students; each day is also different because you never know what is going to happen next with this specific special needs population that I serve. There are students that are self injurious and require extra attention, there are students who have mini seizures some days, and there are always the walk ins where you never know what kind of issue they can have and if the student is non verbal you have that mountain to climb to be able to meet their needs. Through all those challenges God is in our midst. He had a huge part in my being here at this job in this location. And it’s my honor to serve Him while doing the best job I can.

I still run into staff who cared for or taught Thomas when he attended this school. It’s nice, they always have something positive to say about him and it makes my heart happy. Thomas told me recently that his staff/social worker from his recent school called him at the group home to see how he is doing. I thought that was great and Thomas was excited when he told me.

So I’m off to start another Monday. I know The Lord is with me and with these students and staff.

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