The Power of the Cross

I was just listening to Dr, Michael Youssef, a preacher from XM radio heard on the channel called “Family Talk”. I’m so many words he was talking about how the cross is offensive to those who are unbelievers. I found this very interesting. Because these unbelievers are the ones who want the cross removed from public places and yes, even outside churches. When he first said that I thought, “Impossible!” But no it’s not impossible. Dr Youseff went on to say that certain Muslim populations are offended by the cross. Was I surprised? Honestly yes.  But I should not be surprised. Society is all about being “correct” and if a cross is offensive to a big enough group of people it won’t be long before it is removed.

Saying “Happy Holidays!” at Christmas time is a prime example of correctness. The whole reason for the season is Christ himself. Yet we water it down to “Happy Holidays” to not offend anyone who might not be Christian. What about the Christians who are offended by those who say “Happy Holidays?” This past year I witnessed sort of a revolution in that area. More often than not I was told “Merry Christmas” by strangers, store clerks and co workers. I found it refreshing and a hopeful turning point in our society.

I make it no secret that I am a Christian to those I work with. While tending to students in the one classroom I am always in it was noticed that I was wearing a Christian concert t shirt. That started off a great conversation between fellow believers concerning the music we listen to and the many similarities in music preferences that we share. It was a wonderful few minutes of fellowship in a totally non secular environment.

Now with Easter fast approaching most Christians are preparing for this great occasion of Christ being risen! I love Easter, I love what is represents in the Christian faith; that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. And on the third day he rose again defeating the grave. It’s a wonderful time of renewal and reaffirmation of Christ’s love for us.

I wish all of you a very Happy Easter!


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