We’re home again after spending a great week with great friends in a lake house in the Adirondack mountains. It was a fabulous week. For the past three years our vacation was spent in a beach house at the Outer Banks, North Carolina. While the beach house was really nice it was a big difference to be at a lake house. There were so many activities to do at the lake house. We rented a boat 3 out of the 7 days, went horseback riding, sunned ourselves on a couple of lake beaches, shopped at the outlets (of course), walked around town, and lest I forget swam in the clearest, cleanest lake water ever.

I’m a total beach gal. I love hearing the surf hit the sand, love swimming or getting tossed about in the ocean and just enjoy the sun and sand. But this week this beach gal loved being at the lake! The mountain air was so clean, there was little to no humidity and because we were a few hours upstate the temperature was cooler during the day. Not hot and sticky at all. The house we rented was awesome and even had the ultimate game room complete with pool table, ping pong and foos ball located on top of the massive 2 car garage.

I know I wouldn’t want to live up there though. Their winter season can be much harsher than ours. I’m already not a fan of winter, I loathe being cold. Plus deep down as much as I say I’m a beach gal I adore where I live which is not exactly the suburbs and not exactly the city. Manhattan is just a ferry or bus ride away and I love that closeness. Plus I love that in the area where I live. Here, you don’t necessarily need a car. Just around the corner is a deli, two Italian specialty stores, a cobbler, 2 dry cleaners and at least 3 nail salons. Oh I almost forgot the incredible bakeries and restaurants all within walking distance. The neighbors are wonderful and friendly. And… I live a 15 minute car ride from my job.

Yesterday after arriving home the girls and I got pedicures, then ate dinner, then Alyssa and I ran down to TJ Maxx 10 minutes down the main road from our house. I loved it. And today I get to pick up Thomas and go shopping again, lol! It’s so true; there’s no place like home!

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