More on school

I’m finding this whole going back to school business a little more difficult than anticipated. This class is more challenging than I thought it would be. It’s a writing class specifically teaching to write in “APA” style; which is the method of choice for scientific papers such as for nursing research papers. I guess I’m frustrated because I know I can “write”. I need to tailor my writing skills to what is expected of me and not what I *want* to write.

Thank God for my daughter Alyssa; a junior in college who is already familiar with this style of writing. This past assignment I had a very hard time. Alyssa arrived  home at the perfect time and helped me out a lot because I had worked myself up to the point of being upset. We managed to finish the assignment and turn it in on time. There is a second part due tonight that I am patiently waiting her help with.

Work has been a bit more challenging since my favorite co worker retired last week. I’ve been told by my supervisor that I am the “senior nurse” at the school since he retired. I’ve taken on a couple more responsibilities since and it’s ok I don’t mind, but for now I’m adjusting to my new daily schedule. The staffing office has sent 2 agency nurses to help out and they have been wonderful, thank God. I really miss Tom. After working in the field for 40 years it was his time, I’m just so glad I had the opportunity to work with and learn from him.

So I’m off to do school work. This is a new season in my life.


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