Enjoying Work

This might sound foreign to a lot of people but I really do enjoy my job. I’ve  celebrated my one year anniversary at my school this month. It came and passed without fanfare or excitement and that’s ok. I’ve taken on a few more responsibilities since my favorite co-worker up and retired on me last month.

I enjoy just about all my coworkers which include paraprofessionals, teachers, administration staff and a couple of other nurses. I know the staff of classrooms I’m always in and out of trust me as a nurse and that means so much to me.

I feel I’ve grown as a professional this past year. I learned a lot from my now retired co worker. I can’t think of a better nurse to have been paired with as a new school nurse. The students are always teaching me new things about themselves and about myself. Just when I think I’m confident and I’ve got a good handle on things; something happens to shake things up, and I’m eager to learn from every situation. In my opinion, as a nurse you should never stop being open to learning something new.

In the schools I trained in (up in Harlem), asthma was the big worry for students. Here where I work, seizures are the big worry. I remember last year seizures were something I was not comfortable with at all. I don’t think one ever becomes comfortable with someone having a seizure no matter how many times you witness it. This year I feel much more confident in that situation.  I don’t know it all, far from it. But I know I can handle the situation when it arises.

Working as a nurse with such medically fragile students is not something I ever, ever envisioned for myself. If you would have told me this job would’ve been mine I would have laughed at you and called you delusional. Funny how God works things out.

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