Getting ready for Christmas.

Getting ready for Christmas. It’s such a unique time of the year. You’re busy with life in general and now throw gift shopping on top of that and let’s add in a sprinkle of “I have no idea what to get so and so…”. Sometimes the gift shopping is fun especially when you find that oh so perfect whatever for whoever. And you practically skip out of the store triumphantly! Then there are the times you wander around the mall for literally hours trying to find a gift for that person who literally has everything. Not fun. And let’s face it you *have* to get them a gift no matter how difficult they are to shop for.

My son is so so difficult to shop for. He loves clothes but is particular about what he wears. He has his own style and don’t get me wrong he chooses really nice clothes and always looks nice, but I want to get him things to open other than gift cards. Although to be realistic the gift card is the best way to go for him.

My girls are easy. They just tell me what they want or text me a link, or…when we’re in the mall or wherever will find something they’ve been wanting and I’ll get it for them for Christmas. Samantha knows about most of her gifts between picking some out with me or trying things on because there was no other way to go about with that purchase. I have no idea what the girls are getting me I give them vague suggestions or remind them of what I usually wear (cough, cough…big earrings).

It’s so easy to get caught up in the shopping and preparing and push the real reason for Christmas to the back burner; the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His mercy is an absolute, no strings attached, perfect fit gift. It’s not a gift you can earn. it’s quite simple. You let Christ into your heart, accept Him as your Lord and Savior and submit to Him realizing its His will that will be done, not yours or anyone else’s. He is in charge. His everlasting love and mercy are year round gifts and are of endless abundance. Thank you God for your Son!


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