Over  the past 10 months or so I’ve been coloring my hair different colors. I started with rose gold  and progressed to dark pink my latest was dark pink roots and blonde ends. I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 17. First with mom as my colorist then I progressed to doing it myself. I can say with confidence that except for the very dark brown/black colors I’ve tried almost every drug store color out there. I get bored with hair color, and it used to be a relatively easy thing to change. These days I go to the salon because of the rainbow of colors I’ve been wanting. I couldn’t do it myself and if you can’t do something yourself you find someone who knows how to do it. That’s where Natalya my stylist comes in. She is wonderful.

Today I wanted the pink gone, I feel bored  with all the different colors I’ve been doing believe it or not so she bleached out the roots. Poof! The dark pink had disappeared. Like magic I tell you. In its place I did dark blonde roots and light blonde ends.  Nothing conventional but nothing “out there” either. I really like they way it came out. My hair is short it used to be pixie cut short before that I had the sides shaved and left the top longish. That’s what enabled me to do all those different colors, I’m not worried about doing damage to long hair. I don’t know if I’ll ever grow it out long again. Growing out short hair just stinks, you get to this horrid in between stage and screaming doesn’t help your hair grow. So when I got to that point I stopped the torture and just cut it again. Problem solved!





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