Trip Down South!

We took a Memorial Weekend trip down to Florida to visit my brother and sister in law, my husband’s brother and his wife. Our flight down was nice, we had an 8 am flight so it was nice to have almost the whole first day there. The whole weekend was great, it started with lunch with Vinny my bro in law and his daughter. Lunch was awesome and comfortable and  relaxed as if we’d been having meals together forever.

Then Alyssa and I went exploring to check out the nearby outlet mall. It was hot and we were tired so we only got as far as The Gap which was cool because we don’t have a Gap store nearby. By the time we returned to Vinny’s house his wife Zuny was home from work. She is such a wonderful, warm, real person. She’s really easy to be around and you just feel loved being around her. I’ve known Vinny for around the same amount of time I’ve known my husband (going on 30+ years) but until we all became adults we never really hung out together. I swear the older we get the more we love being together. My brother in law is also a very warm, easy to be around person. He’s got a great sense of humor and I love to laugh with him.

We spent the whole weekend together with a dinner out at this restaurant on the water. The food was great and so was the company we were with. I swear we only slept at our hotel, the rest of our time was spent with Vinny and Zuny. We visited 2 beaches not far from their house but there was this seaweed that was all over the beach and all in the water. A lot of seaweed, a lot. It was kind of disconcerting to be in the water and have seaweed be wrapped around your ankle when the tide came in and out. So we didn’t spend all that much time at the beach. But that’s ok we went back to the house and went in the pool, sweet!

Coming home we had a 6:15 am flight. It was as bad as it sounds. The upside is that we were back in our home by 10am. That was really cool, no traffic at all. I spent the rest of the day playing catch up from not being home for 3 days  it that’s ok it was well worth it.

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