Handbags and the Summer

It’s a well know fact to those that know me that I’m a lover of all things handbags. A bag whore is an accurate description. My husband was kind enough to give up the top half of his armoire so I could store my bags appropriately. Some are ridiculously expensive, some moderate in price and some from thrift. Although the ones I scored at the thrift aren’t worthless. I found Chanel, Marc Jacob, Balenciaga, Coach, Mulberry, Kate Spade and the French brand Lanvin at the Sal Val. Those bags are a part of my rotation as those I’ve purchased new.

Every now and then I look to downsize my collection, I just sold two bags on Poshmark and that’s cool. I did make a profit on both although they took a good amount of time to sell. But meh that’s ok I’m not paying any overhead for storage. I have this one new tote that I scored on super sale at Macy’s. I remember the day too. I was sitting in my awesome parking space at work perusing the Macy’s website and this beautiful tote was marked down so low I couldn’t not buy it. However it’s been sitting in the armoire since it’s been delivered. Truth be told it’s a bit too small for me I like big bags to carry all my “stuff”.

So after thinking on it a while I’ve decided to give the bag away. Everyone has their own bag preferences. So I asked one of my favorite co workers if she was interested and she said yes! I guess I could have returned it to Macy’s but it’s nicer to give someone an unexpected gift. Especially from my favorite category of accessories.

I have a bag I’ve purchased with my “I worked this summer” money. I haven’t debuted it yet. Last year I bought a bag in the same manner. It was nice. The funny thing is I don’t mind working the summer. Last year the atmosphere was very chill and the time passed pretty quickly. This year the time is passing pretty well, not fast but not super slow either. The atmosphere isn’t exactly chill. We’ve had a couple of emergency 911 calls so I wouldn’t call this summer dull.

I’m looking forward to summer session ending. I want to go to the beach in the middle of the week and just enjoy being off. We will be going away after the summer session ends I’m looking forward to that as well.


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