For The Love of Handbags

I adore handbags, it’s no secret. Especially to friends and family. And I change my bag every week, every 2 weeks sometimes every month. Depending on my mood and what bag I haven’t used in a while or if there’s a new one waiting to be taken out. I love a big bag since I like to carry a lot of “stuff.” We all have our necessary things in our bag that we must have on us when we leave the house.

I carry my wallet which is a long continental style. I don’t like to fold my paper money. And I also carry 2 smallish pouches that are filled with things I don’t want flying around my bag like a change purse, lip balm, work keys, etc… That’s my secret to changing bags so often, almost everything is within the 2 pouches so all I have to do is transfer the pouches and my wallet to the new bag and voila! Bag change made easy.

It’s also no secret that I love designer bags. I have a soft spot for Coach which was my gateway to collecting handbags. I also score designer bags when thrifting. I thrifted a Chanel last year. I almost ran out of the store when I realized it was authentic. It did need a cleaning so I sent it out to a company in New Jersey that specializes in restoring handbags. I’ve also thrifted Mulberry, a Burberry wallet, Coach bags, Balenciaga, Christian Dior pouch, and most recently a great black leather Frye bag.

I do buy retail. I’ve yet to thrift a Louis Vuitton so with the exception of my first Louis; a Speedy 25 which was a gift from my soul sister Jackie, I have purchased from the boutique. Thomas has accompanied me to all my trips to Louis Vuitton. He’s a great co-shopper and will be blatantly honest with you. I find the sales people in the stand alone boutique in New Jersey to be extremely rude. The nicest sales people I encountered work in the boutique within a department store such as Neiman Marcus Or Saks Fifth Ave. There they were very polite to Thomas and me and treated us both like regular people. The one time I went to the stand alone store the saleswoman was very rude and almost ignored my son. But Thomas wouldn’t have it, he kept saying hello to her until she answered him back appropriately. I was so proud of him. I would have left but I was only there to pick up a bag I ordered over the phone and it was already paid for.

Last summer I purchased a Louis Vuitton bag to celebrate that I worked the summer at my school. This past summer I worked and celebrated with Hermès and my motorcycle. I don’t think I would buy another Hermès. I’m not that lux. In a way it’s cool though because it has no branding or name anywhere except the interior where it says “Hermès made in France.” No one knows what I’m carrying and I’m ok with that. Some days I like to be inconspicuous. In fact the more I think about it, with the exception of my Louis Vuitton and Coach bags none of them have obvious branding or the name of the designer.

I don’t see myself slowing down in the handbag department. It doesn’t matter what size you are, bags always fit. And when I get really tired of one I can always sell it, or gift it. I’ve gifted a few of my bags and it always makes me smile to know someone else is enjoying what I enjoyed.

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