Bye 2019!

We begin a new year in 2 days. Like every year at this time I can’t believe we will begin a whole new year and Christmas; for me anyway is really over. We prep and shop and go a little nuts over the holiday and poof! It’s done. I’m off from work during the winter break between Christmas and New Years so time is passing in an odd way. All my girls are home and it’s really nice to be around them all at the same time. I’m still amazed that even with the age differences between Samantha and Alyssa and Lelly they still push each other’s buttons and manage to piss each other off. You would think things would be different but they’re not. Sometimes it’s really amusing and other times I’m amazed that they think nothing of getting one another p’oed.

I start school Jan 5, it’s a webinar class given 2 days a week. Professional Leadership and Communication in Healthcare. I chose to take it on Saturdays and Sundays fairly early in the mornings to get it over with in the daytime. With this college they assign you a program mentor. Mine spent over an hour on the computer with me going over her recommendations of which classes to take first; before others and how to get the most out of each semester. She was so nice and so very helpful. I was impressed. The other college I was enrolled in gave very little guidance and communication. Just a list of classes to take. The time frame for finishing is similar.

I had the weirdest dream about work this morning. I woke up from the dream. I dreamt that I was at work and I was the only nurse there and I was trying to figure out how to get all my g tube feedings fed and flushed, take care of the diabetic students, figure out where certain students classrooms were moved to. Then after a while they sent another nurse to help. It was a very busy dream. I’ve had similar dreams when I’m off from work for a while. Usually centered around me trying to find out which classrooms my students have been moved to. Maybe it means it’s time to go back to work? Weird.

It’s odd that the city decided we should return to work/school on a Thursday. I’m not complaining, work 2 days then off the weekend. Not a bad deal. It will be nice to see everybody after the holidays. I find I miss talking to my co workers when we’re off for a while. When we left for the break everyone was so excited and happy and wishing happy holidays. It was nice, you would have thought we were going to be gone more time than we were off. I’m not rushing but it will be nice to get back.

Happy New Year!! I wish you all good health and prosperity !

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