My Work Family

It’s been over 2 weeks since we said a very odd goodbye to each other. There were no hugs or “have a good break!” well wishes. I miss my Hungerford people, my co workers, the teachers, the paras, the students; everyone that makes up my work family. The people I spend every minute of every hour with from 7:40am to sometimes 5:30pm (depending if there’s after school program), Monday through Friday. You get used to the routine, what students you’re providing care for and the type of care they each require.

It’s funny at first I missed the staff. The fun exchanges we would have with each other. The way I would depend on certain staff; mainly paras to give me updates on particular medically fragile students. The “one to one” paras I work with are the best. They know their student inside and out and they know when to call me or to bypass the phone and bring the student right in to the nursing office for me to evaluate and decide on the next course of action. I see those paras a lot.

There’s also the teachers I see everyday like clockwork in the classrooms and the occupational and physical therapists I often pass in the halls. The OT/PT staff have a smallish therapy room and are sometimes are in the hallway working with their students. Usually if the student is on a bicycle/board with wheels; some sort of equipment that more space is needed than the room can provide. I enjoy chatting as we pass each other.

I miss my school in general. I’ve been working at regional enrichment centers in Brooklyn and way uptown in Manhattan. We are there for children of essential workers who have no other childcare options. I’ve met other nurses who work in regional schools (work with typical students) and other nurses like me who work with special needs students (District 75). All have been very nice and accommodating thank God. But I am a guest in their house. I miss my “house,” my school, my students.

I can’t wait for this storm to pass and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled programs/lives. And I get to go back to “normal” work and not worry about where I’ll be working from one day to the next. I know we all want “normal” again.

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