We bought this house 19 years ago. I know this time for certain because I was literally nine months, hugely pregnant with Lelly when we moved in. Thomas was not quite 5 years old and Alyssa not yet 3 years old. It was a very busy, busy time. When we purchased this house we did so at the price the buyer wanted and “as is” condition. Meaning there were no negotiations. The house needed a roof, windows, new furnace, siding, new front stairs and a whole host of updating and cosmetic work inside, including a new kitchen and main bathroom.

It was so worth it though. I love my ‘hood, I have the best neighbors ever and after our major interior renovation 2 years ago I love the inside. It wasn’t easy having all that work done. Tommy did a lot himself and that saved us a large amount of money but some jobs such as the roof being torn off with new shingles; or vinyl siding, we had to pay someone else to do those jobs.

Tommy and I have decided to tackle one of our last frontiers. The closets that run along the front wall of the basement. There are 3 nice size closets with shelves. Great storage. Well it’s been great storage for a crap load of papers and “stuff” for the past 19 years. I found tax returns from the year we were married!

I remember when I first started paying bills when we were first married. I didn’t know what to keep or what to throw away. So I kept everything. Don’t ask. There’s also the “Thomas files.” I have a shit ton of evaluations on him since he was 2 and a half years old. He’ll be 23 years old this July. These evals and IEP’s are old news and no longer necessary. We have all the information we need about Thomas. I barely read about my Thomas as I was shredding those documents that were oh so important back in the day. Neuro-psych evaluations, IQ testing, accommodations for his IEP…there’s a lot. And I shred it all with joy. It means we made it. We came out the other side. Through all the heartache of not knowing what was wrong, what was going on in my son’s head that made him learn, act and just be the way he was. We are way past those years and for that I am so grateful. So it is with great joy that I shred! With breaks here and there to give the shredding machine a break to keep from overheating.

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