Hair and Quarantine

I’ve had short hair now for about 5-6 years I think. Ive has it super short; like sides shaved with a buzzer short; to an undercut (sides shaved under a longer area of hair). When the quarantine began I had the undercut. And I like having short hair, I’m told I have a small face so I can pull it off. Ok sounds good. Most people believe having short hair is easy, it’s not. If you’re having a bad hair day there is no fixing it by putting it up in a pony tail or bun. You’re kind of stuck with that bad hair situation all day long. And when it rains…don’t get me started. My hair tends to just go very flat when it’s rainy or very humid out. Again, there is no escape or option of fixing this hair issue. You deal with it for the rest of the day.

So now with the quarantine, I missed my appointment by one day. I was supposed to get my hair cut and colored on a Thursday; the salon called me that Wednesday afternoon to tell me they had to close. Well what can you do? I can color my hair at home no problem thank God. I’ve learned plenty in my many years of coloring and experimenting on my own hair. However there’s no way in hell I would cut my own hair or allow anyone who isn’t licensed to do so.

So I’ve noticed my hair has grown out into a very short bob. And I like it. It’s so different that what it was before and it gives me inspiration to keep growing it out. For those of you who have grown out short hair you know how utterly painful that is. You seriously get to the point where you feel your only option is to just cut it all off all over again so you don’t have to deal with the frustration of trying to “fix” or style this hair that won’t do anything remotely attractive.

Alyssa was excited when I said I would keep growing it into a bob. She’s funny, she has a picture of what she wants my hair to look like and that’s sweet. My kids have never said boo to any of my wild haircuts. Come to think of it neither has my husband. I guess they feel the way I do that it’s only hair. It does grow back…eventually. So here’s to new hair: complements of the Covid quarantine!

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