Wedding Planning

So earlier this week we journeyed to Freehold NJ to the bridal shop to have the bridesmaids and maids of honor pick out dresses and try them on. Alyssa asked both Lelly and Samantha to be her maids of honor. I thought that was really sweet. Her two bridesmaids are both very great, nice young women that Alyssa has known pretty much forever. I wasn’t surprised when she told me who she was going to ask to be her bridesmaids. Mariah and Lulè are just lovely people.

Alyssa picked out the color, and the girls picked out dresses that they liked. It was a very smooth and drama free experience. The only exception was when we met with the saleswoman to order the dresses she informed us that the bridesmaids’ dress wasn’t available in the color Alyssa wanted. Had the saleswoman actually stayed with us while they were initially picking out dresses this could have been avoided. But…all was well when the girls agreed on another dress in a similar style.

In all honesty the girls were simply stunning when trying on their various dresses. They were tiny sizes (like size 2 and size 4) and they’re all beautiful young women who could pull off looking good in a potato sack; seriously.

I also have to mention that Samantha was great as well. We found a style dress in her size that fit her to perfection. It will only need minor alterations and she was the one who said she liked the dress. Alyssa agreed. No drama thank God! In fact the whole dress search process was drama free. It was impressive. No one complained, was impossible or insisted on anything that Alyssa wouldn’t want.

I’m so happy for Alyssa that so far everything has been going along well. Her and Sam’s engagement is 8 months long. It’s perfect, perfect timing for them.

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