School is Closed

In accordance with the city rules they have closed my school for two weeks due to a certain number of Covid cases. I was already off from work for half of those two weeks.

After being a stay at home mom for years and then returning to work full time I can’t lie and say I haven’t been “ok” with staying home. I have had to take a few mornings to get to urgent care and be Covid tested which was negative thank God, but otherwise I’ve been seeing how my house gets along without me. Like I’m a bystander. Alyssa is working remotely so she’s pretty much unavailable during the day except when she comes down from her room for lunch or something in the kitchen. Lelly is taking her college classes at FIT via online forum. Some days she’s very busy with school work, other days not so much. It depends on the day. Samantha is fully remote right now as her high school is closed due to Covid cases present there. She is in a “blended” program where she’s supposed to physically be at school 2 days a week. Right now; no.

I’m having my hair done during what would be work hours. It’s different. The world seems to be on a weird hold. And I don’t like it. Like everyone else I crave normalcy.

I’m also getting school work done quicker than had I been at work. So I’m not complaining at all. I’m still battling that freaking bio chem class, trying to pass, my brain does not work that way no matter how I try and stretch it. Maybe if there were a way to incorporate bio chem to thrift shopping I would be outstanding!

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