I’ve been working night and day on my “portfolio” that was assigned as one of my last classes towards my BSN. And I handed it in this morning. I have not been pleasant to be around I give my family especially my husband a lot of credit for dealing with me. I still have one more class and paper to write and then I’ll be finished. I wasn’t supposed to be finished this early, my college mentor talked me into speeding up and taking the last two classes in June and July instead of in the Fall semester. I’m not sure if I’m glad I did this…yet. I’ll probably feel differently when all the assignments are handed in. Right now I feel in a sort of limbo. And I have to wait for the powers that be to evaluate what I just handed in. I dread getting a revision notice, that totally sucks. I keep checking the collage web site to see if it’s been evaluated but it hasn’t. I’m not a fan of hurry up and wait.

I’m working summer

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