This past Friday I submitted my last undergraduate paper, and it was a long ass paper. By Saturday afternoon it was “in evaluation”. The last time this paper was in evaluation it took a day and a half for them to tell me to revise it. So when I discovered the paper was being evaluated, I was in it for the long haul. But to my surprise it didn’t take that long. My guess is that they only evaluated what had to be revised and I’m ok with that of course. So…a couple of hours later I checked to see if it was still being evaluated and to my great surprise I passed! I passed!! My last class and paper! Omg I was jumping up and down, almost knocked my husband over, lol! I called my mom of course because she was waiting anxiously with me.

I am so happy I accomplished this. This wasn’t possible a few years ago when Thomas was a mess, I was a mess, Thomas went into residential school and I picked up my pieces and tried so very hard to put myself back together. God is so good, He helped me get back on my feet, before I knew it Thomas was settled in and I was still fragile but together I made it through the valley and through the storm. The next thing I knew I was dusting off my nursing license and working part time, then full time, then the school position came about and I knew it was God placing that job posting right where I could see it. The rest is history with my school and me.

I’m proud of myself. I did it! It was difficult at times but no impossible. Even that damn bio chem class that took me forever to pass last summer, I did it. I can’t wait to see my degree in person and begin signing my name RN BSN. So cool.

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