This past week Samantha and I spent 3 nights down the Jersey Shore at the beach. It was so nice. We stayed at this very, very old “inn” which was probably once a huge house turned into a rental property. It was nice, we had our own bathroom and a/c so who’s to complain? Oh and we had a continental breakfast every morning, yay! I love the beach, the water is so calming and simply wonderful. Samantha had a good time with me, that’s what she told me so I’m going with it. A couple of nights we walked down to Asbury Park boardwalk. The first night I had my palm read. I was nervous but she told me all good things, like I have a very long life line which I’ve been told before, that Tommy and I are soul mates, that he loves me very much, it was nice to hear all that. However she did say “someone has put the evil eye on me.” Interesting…However my God is bigger than any evil eye and would never allow such to harm me.

At Asbury Park we also visited this museum of pin ball machines and video games from back in the day. It was really cool, some of the pin ball games went back to the 1950’s and were made of wood, they even had Pong and Frogger! Omg I was amazed at their collection. You pay by the half hour or hour for the person to play, no tokens or coins needed. For Samantha to play an hour it was 15.00 and she was free to play as many games as she wanted I though it was a pretty fair deal, plus no one was checking to see if anyone was being honest and leaving at their designated time, so for both visits Samantha got an extra 10 minutes of game time. To be honest I was ready to leave anyway, so she wrapped it up.

After working the summer session it feels so good to be off from work. And to have my bachelors completed is an added bonus! I keep thinking that if my mentor didn’t push me to complete those last two classes when she did I would be doing that work now. That would suck. I’m so grateful to her for the advice and her guidance. I received my diploma in the mail and I love looking at it. That’s my name there. I’m so proud.

One thought on “Vacations!!!

  1. Florine August 21, 2021 / 11:29 am

    All great things. Glad your having fun. See u in sept

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