The Gym

Being that my weight loss has been at a stand still I decided to get back to what worked in the past. Stop eating junk food (why oh why does ice cream taste so damn good in the evening?) and get back to the gym. I chose to return to The Maxx Challenge work out at; get this…the 5 am class. One of the teachers from my school, Vanessa has been going at 5 am for years and a few years ago I used to work out at 4:30pm class. I used to envy Vanessa leaving for the day when school ended, she already had her workout done for the day and I was rushing home to change and make it there for 4:30. Don’t get me wrong I had a lot of great times with the friends I made at the 4:30 class. Awesome women that we still keep in touch via Facebook. We used to laugh, a lot and it made the workout go so fast.

So now that I’ve returned to working out I decided to give 5 am a try. I’m up at 4 and have my coffee because God knows I’m useless without coffee. I’m on the road to the gym by 4:40, it’s dark out lol. And on the upside there is no traffic. The workout class begins at 5 and ends at 5:45. Then I’m on the road to go back home so I can get ready for work. I have to be honest, it was hard getting back into working out. Leg day about killed me, every walk up and down stairs was a new adventure in the pain of sore leg muscles. Finally today it’s not that bad. And have I mentioned how much I don’t like cardio? I’ve never liked cardio. I don’t know how to breathe and exercise at the same time. I’m missing that gene I think.

All in all though this past week worked out well. I walk back in my house at 6 am. The only issue I have is trying to squeeze in breakfast between getting ready for work and leaving for work. I’m sure things will fall into place soon.

I really do like getting my exercise done early in the morning. I have the freedom after work to do whatever I want, and honestly it works out for my family. Samantha has volleyball practice (she made the team yayyyy!!) every afternoon until 5pm. I’m free to pick her up and also get Lelly from the ferry after her classes at FIT. I’m hoping there will be an after school program where I work. I love overtime 🙂 if that happens things will work out with people needing rides and to be picked up.

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